Tuesday, March 12, 2013

so here i am

how I've been feeling lately: like pond scum.  like a junkie, only I don't know what I need a fix of.  like a crumpled up wrapper that someone tossed at the barrel, missed and now just keeps getting trod on underfoot, because everybody is too lazy to bend over and pick it up.

so, in general: just awesome.

according to my med tracker -into which I input my symptoms, vital signs, pain map, mood, meds, etc, daily - I'm doing just fine.  I guess that goes to show you that there are limits to what computers can do.

It can't, for example, extrapolate from the fact that my pain levels have been at a consistent 8-10 level for the past....year, that my pain is, in fact, out of freaking control.  (In fact it reports I have been "stable," which makes me want to strangle it, but it is but a website and has no neck to strangle.)

It can't use the data from my latest migraine - pain level: 9, days lasting (so far): three, meds taken to control it: at least 4, ability to move or live a life that requires doing more than rolling over in bed or taking the hottest shower possible; nil - to confirm that I have become some sort of cave troll, who lives in a twilight world where lights can't be brighter than twinkle lights, movements must all be made in slow motion, and noises can't be above a whisper.

It can take my three month mood average of 'okay' and filter it down into 36 days with at least one episode of tears; 5 days of actual, recorded laughter; at least two days when I felt like talking to people was as painful as pouring acid on myself; but it doesn't seem to register that my definition of an 'okay' mood is seriously lax, because I would've included most of those days in the roster. Or that my much lauded patience is at an all time premium - I have no time for nonsense (or only time for nonsense, I guess) - it depends on who you are and what you want, but if it's stupid, I'm outta there, because ain't nobody got time for that. 

It can tell you that my blood sugar's been bloody high - a fact probably influenced by my inability to eat anything that doesn't come in the form of a cookie, potato or cupcake without wanting to throw it back up again. (Don't ask me: carbs are comfort food.) And even then, it's dicey.

It can tell you that my blood pressure's been kooky - per usual, of course - but my pulse has started to join in and beat a crazy rhythm whenever it feels like it. and sometimes I feel like it might just beat right out of my chest, as if it were a separate thing, growing inside of me, its own necessary beat that I cannot control.

Today's a tough day: I know it, as much as I know that these past six months have been hard months, and that - eventually - days won't be so hard, and months will pass without me taking such extreme note of them.

But right now, fighting this maximum migraine and the melancholy mood it has brought with it, everything seems like forever.

As if I am always just those numbers on the stupid chart, and nobody can see past them.

As if I don't remember that there's more to me than those stupid numbers, most of the time.  As if that's what I boil down to, in the end. And what a sad end that would be - abnormal numbers and not a lot else.

All I want is to feel better, and I know that part of that is in my power, that there are things I need to do to make myself feel better, (less carbs, for example) but, when you keep trying and you wind up in the same position over and over and over again - and that position is basically curled in a ball on your bed, wishing there was something you could take that would MAKE IT STOP, just for a little while - it's fucking frustrating, is what it is.

I'm working toward my 19th year of chronic illness, and sometimes I feel like I have Got This Shit Down.  I know it backwards and forwards and inside out.  I can talk to anybody about conserving spoons and living with the ifs/whens and how to fire the doctors that make you feel like garbage and why you should put your pills in those little day packets and why abelism is a bunch of bullshit & you don't have to put up with it, and so, so many other, important, wonderful things.  And I'm proud of all of that. 

But there are days like today, when it feels as if I have learned nothing, where if feels like I've spent 19 years banging my head against the same fucking wall, and only wound up with a cracked skull for my troubles. 

And I just want a break, just want a few days where I can breathe easily, and not worry about what I'll smell and how sick it'll make me.  Where I can move without immediately regretting it or hiding how much it hurts.  Where I can sleep and wake up rested; feel hunger, eat and then feel full; sit around for hours with people I love and not have to worry about where to plug in the heating pad, or whether or not I should take the next pill if I want to stay put.

It's little things and big things, and today they all feel like big things. 

Most of that stuff doesn't matter to me, on an ordinary day, but I guess that's the patience thing again - the person I have the least amount of patience for is myself.

But I know this will pass, so I'm going back to my dark-ish room (even on it's dimmest setting, the laptop is too bright at night), and the soothing voice of Jim Dale as he & I re-traipse the grounds of Hogwarts with our favorite magical trio.

Here's hoping for better days ahead.