Friday, January 06, 2006

A better mood (ish)

See, I promised to try and cheer up, and I (sort-of) have. At least I'm faking it better, anyways. ;)

So I'm doing my internet wandering today, and here's what I think you should know:

First, due to some happy news in my family (My first niece is expected to arrive this spring!!), I've been playing around looking at baby names. The best site I've found so far is the Babynamer on Oxygen. It's a great site - searchable, organized by different topics, & thorough. My favorite detail? They include the drawbacks of a given name - the horrible nicknames that go along with the names you're looking at. (I never would have thought of Cora Snora on by own, for example, but now it's definitely out)
BUT.... I'm wondering who would decide to name their baby based on this category :

People Who Have Tuberculosis ? I mean does that sound reasonable to anybody?


Also got a couple of Flickr pictures that I thought were just amazing:


A perfect moment



And, courtesy of David Letterman (and DevilDucky), the best Bush moments caught on tape.... sadly, this we're only a little more than halfway through with him.


That's what I've got for you so far, people. Enjoy!

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