Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Nothing is going well today

My doctor (my favorite specialist) called and the insurance people don't want to pay for my treatments (not that they were doing too much, but they were working preventatively). Plus my primary care doc does not want to be my primary care doc anymore and I can't find someone who knows enough about my particular situations to be any help (or who takes my insurance). I hate having to start over with new docs: they always want to re-run all the tests I've already had six times.


I don't know how to use the stupid DVD-RW in my laptop and I have to back up all my data b/c my laptop keeps freezing and I have to send it to the repair people before the warranty expires next month. I love my laptop: It was my first major purchase on my own, and I did sooo much research... and now it's freezing... this does not instill confidence in my decision making skills, internet people. I use it most everyday, and I don't know how long it will be away with the fix-it up chappies, so am semi-depressed that I will be laptop-less for however long.

But that's only if I can figure out how to back up my files, because I have scanned every stinking picture in our house into this thing, and I am not doing it all over again... I don't care if it freezes every 10 seconds...


The annoying people upstairs keep vacuuming the same exact spot... right over my head. (She's very OCD about that stupid vacuum.) This is the fourth time (the first was at 6:30 this morning) and I know she's the only one home up there, so unless she's refilling the salt shakers over the hallway rug, there is absolutely no need for this.

Also, I know there is a way to change the colors of my blogger text, but I can't remember it, so this post will look very boring.


Two of my sisters have the day off today and are spending it bickering over which one of them gets to wield the remote control - rather than actually accomplishing anything or helping out around here.


I am just having a mood, internet. It is not a good mood either. And I think a large part of it is that I went to bed hearing that 12 of the 13 minors trapped were alive and found out this morning that the opposite is true. It is too sad to imagine, and the reason that I know better than to watch the news. I just can't block myself off from tragedies the way everyone else seems to be able to. It just sort of seeps into me, and now I'm sad.

And grumpy.

(As if that last part needed clarifying after this lovely post.)

I shall try to recover a bit of cheery (or at least less mope) before my next post.

Hope your day is better than...

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