Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm stealing this meme (my very first!) from:

....Jezebel's Journal. I'm not really up on the meme etiquette, but it seems like, so long as you mention where it came from, it's alright to post. (I'm sure if I'm wrong, someone will wander by and tell me...)

10 favorites...
Favorite Color: Lilac
Favorite Food: Right now, there's this 5-point Lemon Cheesecake w/berries at Applebees... mmm yum. Why doesn't Applebees deliver?
Favorite Song: I'm feeling very happy with Michael Buble's version of Sway . It's so peppy, which I am not, but sometimes need to pretend being.
Favorite Movie: Of all time - no clue. Of the past little while? Love Actually
Favorite Sport: I dislike sports - I don't really understand the point of most of them, and my own experiences have only led me to believe that sports equipment is my enemy.
Favorite Season: I like the cripsness of fall, and it's a bonus that that's when I'm at my least allergic.
Favorite Day Of the Week: Right now it's Saturdays: I get to listen to SRO, and try to get other things accomplished.
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor : I'm thinking Peppermint Stick...
Favorite Time of Day: Just lately, I've been finding 11:00 pm the highlight of my day - The Daily Show rocks!

9 Currents...
Current Mood: Working on cheering up
Current Taste: Strawberry Jelly
Current Clothes: A white tank, w/a wife beater underneath; red, very comfy Old Navy pants, and green frog socks (Because all though I thought to change my outfit when I spilled soup all over it, I forgot to grab a clean pair of socks)
Current Desktop Picture: Niece-to-be's ultrasound pic
Current Toenail Color: Nude
Current Time: 10:25 p.m. EST
Current Surroundings: In bed, semi-snuggled surrounded by puffs and pillows
Current Annoyance(s): I'm going to keep it from being an exceptionally long list and just say the fact that the 6 clocks in this house all chime the hour individually: why can't we get them all on the same schedule?
Current Thought: I'm wondering now if you're allowed to just steal a meme... does the person have to ask you to fill it out? And how do I link back to the orginal page? hmmm...

8 Firsts...
First Best Friend: Jen B. She pretended to cut my hair in Kindergarten. We stayed friends till she transfered to private school in the 7th Grade, but we still exchange Christmas cards (and I'm supposed to call her to set up lunch... Note to Self)
First Kiss: I'll have to go with first non-kiss instead: 8th grade dance (in the gym, of course) and the Boy moved in for the kiss, I closed my eyes and waited: Somebody noticed us and gave a whistle, Boy moved back as if burned. :sigh:
First Screen Name: Still using my first screen name, my first account, etc.
First Pet: Sasha, a black furred, white bellied cat who was more regal than most people.
First Piercing: Earlobes, sitting in the mall, being bribed by my mom to "act like it doesn't hurt" so that my younger sisters would follow suit without tears.
First Crush: Ricky. Jen B and I fought over who got to sit next to him at her birthday party in 4th grade. (Although, it was her birthday, I managed to convince her to put him in the middle between us.) We went to see Batman, and were foiled when he sat next to Paul instead.
First Music: I used to have some sort of Disney Disco tape, that came with a book ("You can read along with us in your book. When you hear the tone :beep:, turn the page.") I still know all the words to Macho Duck (Can he move? Well guess what? Watch his wiggle waddle strut).
First Car: I still don't have one, unless the Fisher Price variety counts?

7 Lasts.....
Last Cigarette: Never
Last Drink: Having some water right now, actually.
Last Car Ride: Umm... Last Monday, to and from the doc's office.
Last Kiss: Youngest Nephew as he raced out the door at 7:30 tonight.
Last real kiss: If only I had an answer (or even a smart ass avoidance answer)to put down.
Last Movie Seen: On the Town Sunday, thanks to TMC. (And then, was nicely surprised to see Betty Garret on that night's Grey's Anatomy as well.)
Last Phone Call: Talked to N (the Mum of Youngest Nephew) about three minutes after that last kiss.
Last CD Played: Yeah, I've been Media Player-ing it lately, but I did burn a disk of some of my favorites that I listened to the other night.

6 Have You Evers....
Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: Nope
Have You Ever Broken the Law: Only accidentally
Have You Ever Been Arrested: Nope
Have You Ever Been on TV: Only if you count the community access channel, which showed every play or production I was in. ... Oh, and once the back of my head (and a hideous purple bow) were on the Catholic Mass channel.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Nope (I'm so BORING )

5 Things....
5 Things You're Wearing: see above, and then add my glasses and a puff.
5 Things You've Done Today: Sorted meds for the week --> because I won't take them if there not RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF MY FACE . Gave the Little Guy (Youngest Nephew) and 2ndSister a workout. Didn't eat the Oreos that were left over from Little Guy's Dessert, even thought I wanted them. Checked my e-mail and Bloglines. Made lots of lists (I Love Lists!)
5 Things You Can Hear Right Now: Stupid ticking clocks. 2ndSister laughing with boyfriend. 3rdSister yelling over phone at her boyfriend. Washing Machine wooshing. Maroon Five: This Love.
5 Things You Can't Live Without: The basics (food, water, air & meds); My peoples; Books; Pillows; Connections.
5 Things You Do When You're bored: Read (or re-read), Wander on-line, Zuma, Scrap; Stare at the wall.

4 Places You've Been ...

The Salem Witch Museum
2059 (in books, anyways)
In the Hot Seat
Waiting Rooms (a.k.a. Purgatory)

3 People You Can Tell (most) Anything To...
Mum; Shannon; Ann

2 Choices...
1. Black or White: White, cuz I still want the creme filling from those Oreos I passed up earlier.
2. Hot or Cold: I'm freezing, thanks for asking.

1 Wish...
That I did this right, without pissing off any internet peoples....

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