Monday, April 10, 2006

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I happened upon this photo scavenger hunt. The theme for this week: Round (at least I think so - I think it started on the 8th, rather than ended).

Flipping thru my pictures (what else do I do?), the roundest things - besides our heads, as we were some very round babies - are birthday cakes. Here's a couple of the best, from over the years.

Here's Only Brother's SuperFriends themed birthday party, circa 1983. Notice, also... round plates (Big shocker!); some very nice round pepper mills; wine glass & blender (the grownups at this party were obviously having a good time); and random batteries.

Next comes Not Youngest Sis' Wishniky Cake, I'm going to guess it was either 88-9. And yes, I know that some people call them Trolls, or Treasure Trolls - those people would be wrong

And last little homemade number for Next Sister's 21st Bday. Lemon Poppy seed - yum.

The challenge for this Saturday is feet - So keep your eyes peeled and join in!

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TNChick said...

Glad to have you - will look forward to seein' your photos and I"m sure the others will, too come Saturday. I added you on the blogroll.