Saturday, April 29, 2006

Today's Topic = Old


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I figured I'd start with the oldest paper I've found (so far) in my job as family archivist. It's the original mortage for the house my great-grandparents bought - and my grandmother, my family & I still live in. In a little over a month, this piece of paper will be 100 years old:

Among the many papers I've been searching through(believe me when I say I come by the whole packrat thing naturally), there've been random mass cards. The only time I see mass cards nowadays is at funerals, but, apparently, there wasn't an occasion that didn't warrant one. I like this one because of the words in it:

Seriously, when was the last time you heard "propitous" or "unction"?

I mentioned, a while back, how much I loved the older wedding announcements, particularly for their detail. Here's another one, this time, my maternal great-grandparents:

When they were married on September 12, 1921, "flowered georgettes," "pin roses," & "bronze picture hats" were apparently in fashion. I had to look up what most of those things (a picture hat is one of those wide brimmed hats, btw.), but I think it's so interesting!

And because I need some people in this post, here's one of my maternal grandfather's mother & father (my great-grandmother & great-great grandfather) circa 1920

Thanks for visiting (especially since Blogger's been misbehaving all day)... I'm going on my rounds right now: looking forward to see what you guys have done!


Pam said...

Great old photos. I love how the nib and ink writing is so well done on the mortgage papers. Makes me want to do some calligraphy.

Thanks for sharing. Mine's up. Pam

Mandy said...

That's an awful lot of 'old' things, they must hold some wonderful memories for you and your family. Today I've seen so many spectacular memorabilia on my rounds, it's been a very well worth while theme.
Thnx for sharing all those with us :)

ZootsMom said...

Those are wonderful pictures. It must be wonderful to be discovering all that....and you're right blogger has been acting up all day....

Janet said...

I love those old photos!!! parents knew a woman by that last name...I think her first name is Edith.

Thanks for visiting me today!

Just Expressing Myself said...

You've inspired me to not just post a pic next time but a photostory. Thanks for sharing. My own pic is up.
Have a great weekend.

Wystful1 said...

some awesome stuff! Fantastic photos.

My saturday photo is up

Loni said...

Just wonderful pictures and information! I loved it!

I put a wedding picture up of my grandparents! Come visit!

Michael said...

This is a *great* post! I really like it when there is a story to go with the Saturday images!

Anonymous said...

I like the way you made us turn to see the photos it made us get involved with the post.

Viamarie said...

Interesting photos. Very good memories for your family to pass on.

Mine is up too!

Kelly said...

These are really great Old Photos. There is a lot of history and memories in your family. Thanks for sharing.

Strong Enough said...

Wow! Those photos are amazing.

Karen said...

Such an interesting story behind all those images. What a great OLD post.

Mine is up.

Caroline said...

These are some great finds. Thanks for sharing all of them. It was nice stepping back in time.

LibertyBelle said...

You almost have a hitorical museum there. How wonderful to have such great treasure pertaining to your family - and what heirlooms to pass on to your kids!
very interesting and a good choice!
My Saturday Photo is up

Shash said...

I love your photos. My hubby's from Massachusetts.

Sorry I'm late replying to this, I'm playing catch up!

Have a great week!!