Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Bunch of Randomness

Just for YOU!

In an effort to not lose the two or three people who are actually reading this blog, I have a whole bunch of random things to comment on. (Seriously, I'm so glad you've stuck around: I can't imagine it's very interesting "NTE is sick. NTE is battling back from being sicker. NTE's brain & creativity have taken a vacation without her." Big, huge thanks for sticking with me!)


First up:

Did anybody else see the boy from The Boy Who Could Fly in an Advil commercial? I did not actually pay attention the commercial (as is my usual way of watching commercials), but the voice sort of rang a bell in my head, and I looked up at the screen, only to be amazed that The Boy Who Could Fly (actual name:Jay Underwood is sitting there on the couch. He was all grown up (well, duh), and now that I read his IMDB profile, I do remember seeing him on my West Wing DVD's. But still - it was a nice little surprise. (More that I could remember the name of that really stupid movie. Imagine my thinking process here: "Oh! He was that guy who was in that movie where the kid who could fly... Wait The Boy Who Could Fly! " Yeah, it took some mental aerobics there.)


Next, a tiny bit of linkage.

An apt and awesomely expressed quote from

this post over at Bonanza Jellybean. While discussing the funeral of her friend Steve, Bonanza Jellybean manages to sum up how every one of us feels when dealing with difficulties:

It's not fucking fair.
And I know no one ever said life was fair.
But whoever said it was an ASSHOLE, because every once in a while, it should be.

It should be - and we all think, that maybe just this once, maybe, somehow, just for me, it'll turn out that way this time. And it almost never does.

I'm so sorry for your pain, Bonanza.


Next up - how many people know about the Dropkick Murphys? I don't know too much. I downloaded a bunch of songs last month, during my rush to create a musical background to our St. Patrick's Day festivities that wouldn't embarrass or overwhelm everybody. (We actually wound up not listening to the CD at all, as the people were their usual loud selves and required no accompaniment.) I would recommend their "Irish Drinking Song" & "The Pub with No Beer;" the rest was a bit too punkish for my taste.

However, if you live in the Boston area, there's another song of theirs that I'm sure you've heard: Tessie (which spellcheck wants me to call "tissue" . It's one of the Red Sox's most memorable anthems (and originally from a Broadway show - who knew?) and has wound up shuffling into my Media Player 3 times today.

I like the song and all - but the repeating? Not so much.

Besides, it reminds me that baseball has started again.

You can't hear me, but I'm sighing. Loudly. Trust me.

Ok - how's that for randomness?

I'm trying hard to get up the energy to post every day or so; this blogging thing is turning out to be more important to me than I thought it would be. So, if you're reading... just a last big THANK YOU!

Till next time...


jenfromboston said...

thought you would enjoy...from my Southie parade party (I'm on the route), 2 pics of the DKMs:



Never That Easy said...

Thanks so much for the pictures. And how great to be on the parade route!