Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today's Theme = Silly



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Here's what I got for you

My first foray into balloon animal making, courtesy of the Easter Bunny (and some really twisted instruction sheets) --->

The other pictures (of Youngest Nephew's first attempt at balloon animals - picture an octopus... with 3 legs) did not come out as planned. Since I don't have my brother's permission to post YN's face (and am not sure I would even if I did), you're sadly just going to have to take my word for it. It rocked!

We also made a light saber - the weapon of choice for any Star Wars obsessed soon to be 6 year-old. That didn't rock. In fact, it popped. Immediately upon completion. Now picture tears - well, near tears.

BUT... the day was saved by these

fabulous cookies.

Of course, now I have no more Thin Mints.

Now picture tears again.

Have a great week everybody!


Karen said...

Great story! My "silly" photo is up.

LibertyBelle said...

That is so cute!

Feathers said...

Hey, yours turned out better than mine would! LOL

My pic is up too :)

Caroline said...

Is that the easter bunny? Great story.

TNChick said...

I love ballon animals... well, aside from the squeeky noises. My son wants to learn how....

Carmen said...

Balloon animals are always silly! And thin mints should be taken very seriously. ;)

Mine's up

mar said...

Great silly job! my photo is up

Wystful1 said...

Cute. Silly pic. And cookies!

My Saturday photo is up

Just Expressing Myself said...

Nothing like Thin Mints - mmmmm - I can eat a whole box.
Loved the photo story.
My own pic is up.
Thanks for sharing.

Barbara said...

Great photos. I love thin mints too. Mine's up!

Anonymous said...

Fun story! :)

Never That Easy said...

Thanks for stopping by everybody!

Caro - it does look more like the Easter bunny than the dog the paper told me it would turn out to be, but I guess that's cuz I misjudged the ear length.

tnchick - It actually wasn't that difficult. I think I was just too afraid that they'd pop. Clowns never seem to be, but every twist I made I winced.

Kelly said...

I love the ballon animals. Great story!

Janet said...

very good job! Thanks for visiting mine :-)