Wednesday, May 03, 2006

BADD (part 1)

BADD = Blogging Against Disablism Day (which I missed, so this is my round up of everybody's FABULOUS posts!) Disablism, in case you don't know is discrimination based on illness/disabilites.

"What I wish folks would understand is that all human institutions and structures were built with a nondisabled population in mind. When people with disabilities ask for accommodations, they're just asking you to think about them, too." A more lawyerly perspective over at diability law.

Among the strengths of this text, the publisher touts, "a balanced perspective that reveals the diversity of American women." Or maybe this example of a "balanced perspective" reveals something else. More things I never really thought of regarding history & disability.

Angel Moon Art had some wit & wisdom I appreciated:Seems the hardest thing for any disabled person to gain access to, is not the library/cinema/shop etc.... but a little common decency and respect.
Anyone got a ramp for that????

Under the "why didn't I write something like this?" catagory -
But the interesting thing about prejudice to this group (of which I'm one) is that oftentimes disablism is mistaken for kindness

A theme that popped up quite a few times was that of daycare for disabled children.
Dream Mom had a particularly moving post on the topic

And I'm absolutely in love with a chronic illness bill of rights over at billiesdiary.

Ok, I'm really only about halfway through the alphabet here people, and I'm outta energy. I'll try to post some more tomorrow, but, if you get the chance, check out the whole list here.


Penny L. Richards said...

Hi! Glad the suffrage post as DS,TU caught your attention, among so many amazing posts this week. I'm still working through the contributions myself!

billierain said...

i'm glad you liked my chronic illness bill of rights. i think it's going to take me til next year's BAD day to get through all the posts. it was a great i dea to do this don't you think? i am glad to learn about all the other disabled (and disability-friendly) bloggers out there. i didn't know there were so many!

i hope you're having a great week.

take care.

love billie xoxo