Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm back...

and the doctor's appointment wasn't too bad. Not too much poking and prodding. Those next steps I was concerned about? Muscle biopsy. Oh goodie. Sounds fabulous.


Found out tonight that Youngest Nephew (age 6) is NOT coping well with the arrival of his new little sister. Their Mum (SisterN) is worried b/c he's so aggressive with her, feels like she can't even turn her back, in case he tries to hurt her. I got all this second hand, when SisterJ went over to visit them tonight. I was like "Um... this is totally normal. She needs to just make sure that he knows he's not allowed to physically hurt the baby, and, at the same time, let him say anything he wants to about her - "I hate her, I wish you'd send her back," etc. SisterJ says SisterN is feeling guilty and overwhelmed and just horrible.

I feel horrible myself.

Because, I expect this to be a difficult transition for him. I expect him to act up and to be pushing at all his limits. And I just want to rush over there and fix things. To help her set boundaries for him, and not let her guilt get in the way. To show her that it really doesn't matter, that things will get better as time goes along. And it's not that I know everything, where SisterN doesn't. It's more that why should she try to do this mostly on her own? Brother's back at work now, so that leaves her with just the two kids . Alone. During school, just BabyGirl, but after 2:30, she's got them both. Alone.

I don't know... It just makes me physically ill to think of them all suffering over there, when I feel like I could be of some help. But if I offer, does that make it seem like ... "Well, I don't think you can handle this on your own, so let me tell you what I would do?" Is it like that --- I don't even know!!!

I am, however, sending a copy of This book over ASAP.

I can't decide if that makes me a know-it-all, pushy bitch or a concerned sister/auntie. I know I feel like the second, but maybe I come across as the first?

I just wish I could help them all.

Feeling: pooped. It's been a long day.


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