Saturday, June 10, 2006

Community = Games?


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This week's SPH turned out to be harder than I thought:

I was hoping to get out of the house and take some pictures of Prospect Hill Tower, which is were the first American flag was raised waaaay back in 1776:

January 1, 1776 is the date that made Prospect Hill famous. On this day, George Washington ordered that a new flag be raised on a 76-foot schooner mast placed on Prospect Hill. This "Grand Union Flag" was the first true American flag, representing the united colonies. It was raised with a salute of 13 guns and loud huzzahs by the soldiers. (from here)

Yeah, that didn't happen. But if you click the link, you can see it.

So, instead, I had to rummage through older pictures, looking for something "community-ish" (I should copyright that). Here's what I came up with:

Community isn't just a place: It also means fellowship, sharing, group togetherness. And nothing brings my family closer than GAMES.

We are game freaks: We own at least 10 versions of Trivial Pursuit (I got 2 myself, for my birthday: SNL Trivial Pursuit & Book Lovers Trivial Pursuit). We rock at Pictionary, and have played Scattegories so often that we would pay BIG bucks for a new refill pack (attention Milton Bradley? Are you listening? NEW CARDS, Please!!!). A few of our newer obesessions are Loaded Questions and Clue Jr. (now that Youngest Nephew is old enough to play, we must start his indoctrination).

My favorite Uncle and his family lived in Virginia when I was younger. Every year, they would trek up here to visit. We spent an entire week playing games. I am not kidding: maybe, every now and then, we would stop to sleep. People would take little breaks to go get food, and then bring it back and we'd all eat. While playing. If we were in the car, on the way to somewhere, we played Uno. We carried TP cards in our pockets and asked questions at the park. Or in line at the movies. Or while pretending to go to sleep.

This is not to say that we are all good sports: the story of the Uncle who broke his pencil in half and then lobbed it at his partner in Pictionary is legend. Game boards have been tossed in the air, fist fights have broken out. Final outcomes debated for years after the actual game. Cheaters are NOT tolerated, and "helping" or "clues" are hit or miss - I personally hate them, other people, not so much.

In my family, the only time we are all together and DON'T attempt to get a game going is at weddings. And that's only because there are other people - those not related to us, and therefore without the obsessive game gene - there.

But my Mum will have some cards in her purse & I might have the portable cribbage board, so if you want to play a quick hand, you just let me know.

ETA: This post has pictures, but blogger is not showing them. The status says they are "fixing" it... Hopefully they'll be up by the end of the day... So, please check back soon!


ribbiticus said...

doesn't your post anyways. mine's up! ;)

Chi said...

Prospect Hill is gorgeous! I couldn't see your SP though so I will check back later. *s*

Fleur De Lisa said...

Blogger has been naughty, hasn't it? I was just lucky to get my photo up before it went down again.
I'll check back later to see if the powers-that-be at Blogger let you post yours. :-)
Thanks for stopping by mine earlier.

Anonymous said...

Love your post, and I'll be back to see the photos. :) I played. :)

Froggie Mama said...

This is my 3rd time to check, but see that blogger never worked for you today! I had trouble, too.

I think that is so much fun that you all like to play games so much! What a way to spend some time w/your family! :)

TNChick said...

Sorry I can't see the photos but I love your post on community as you're very right. We love games too and having a family game night is fun!