Monday, June 12, 2006

I give up

... trying to add pictures to Saturday's post, that is. The pictures will NOT be uploaded; Blogger says they are and then? No pictures. So... I'm just going to pretend that they were there and move on with my week. Thanks to everybody who kept checking back --- I might try to sneak them into another post, just to see if that works. But not today, as banging my head against that particular wall is not my idea of fun.

With a few, very random thoughts.

1) I think my eyelashes are falling out at an alarming rate. I can't think of a reason that this might be true (unlike the time I tried a new drug and all my eyebrows immediately fell out), but it's true nonetheless. Every two or three hours lately, I am having to fish another stray eyelash out of my eye, where it is floating, poking me at odd angles. So, if say one eyelash every three hours everyday for the past week or two that's (math... I hate math...) 168 eyelashes in the past week. How many eyelashes does a person have, anyways?

2) Youngest Nephew is still having a very hard time acclimating to his new big-brother status. I finished reading Siblings Without Rivalry,

and now have to figure out a way to make my brother and (soon-to-be)sister in law read it too. I suppose the hardest part is that he has turned into a real brat lately, when we are all so used to him being well-behaved. It's a hard change for us to deal with, as if this little whining monster has been lurking beneath the friendly exterior all along. And now has come for an extended visit.

3)I have about a billion things to do, and writing blog posts should not have been #1. But... at least I can cross it off my list now, right?

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At least it you saw it before posting. I posted Thursday Thirteen. It went all okay but all who came to visit said they didn't see any pictures. I removed it and posted another.
My Photo Hunt is up too.