Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day links

A while back, I started reading Kevin Smith's My Boring Ass Life. Being that his life is, of course, about a billion times more entertaining than mine, his writing is too. He talked about losing his dad in this post. It's a moving tribute to the kind of person his dad must have been (without venturing into the so-schmaltzy-this-person-can't-have-actually-existed territory).

Mom-101 brings us a Father's Day Reality Check. With her usual fine humor.

Over at Easy to be Hard (which is chock full of ... less than work acceptable... material) is this Groucho Marx Father's day song. Kudos to her, because I've been searching limewire for weeks, to no avail. Also, I don't know how to post music yet. So, go there instead.

And Townie Bastard
talks about one of my pet peeves - the lack of good Father's Day cards:
"The problem is, there are four kinds of cards that you can buy for your dad on Father's Day, his birthday, Christmas or whatever occasions. And these are the percentages of their availability.

1. A card with a fart joke involving your dad - 33%
2. A card with a golf joke involving your dad - 33%
3. A card about his inability/fixation with tools - 33%
4. Anything else - 1%"

Well, I got my dad one from the 1%, but still wasn't pleased with it. ("You could write a book about being a father/open/ And having pefect children") It's dumb, but my dad doesn't fish or golf; he's a fixer, but has no obsession with tools. My dad likes the Beatles; He's a fabulous cook; he has fixed the broken wheel of my wheelchair no less than 72 times. Where are the Beatles cards? The ones that don't make fun of his attempts in the kitchen? The heartfelt thanks cards? No such luck at Target yesterday.

Nobody in my family reads this blog - I like it that way, because then I can say what I want.

But if they did, I'd say thanks to my Dad.

Who I don't always get, but I know loves me.
Who didn't have to make this a family who doesn't really understand the significance of the word step- in relation to ourselves.
Who never said a bad word about my Daddy (especially since he had so much cause).
and Who I'll keep listening to, even when I know you're wrong.

And I'd say Happy Father's Day to Older Brother, who has impressed me no end with his ability to change. Who has never looked sweeter than when snuggling his baby girl. Who I only hope can remember how hard it was to be the older brother & help his son become the best.

And to my Daddy, Who I wish I didn't have to miss. Who has loyal friends. And who once showed me the zipper they put in his knee.

And to my grandfather, who called always called me his special girl.

(Sorry, I went into the schmaltz, didn't I? Oh well....)

Happy Father's Day, all!

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Mom101 said...

Hey, thanks for the link!

I was going to write about the father's day card selection so thanks for letting me know someone clever already had that topic covered. I told Nate that the only reason I procreated with him was so that I finally had someone to buy golf cards for at father's day.