Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Things not to do

Commit to blogging more often, and then splash water on your laptop.



This was Saturday: I immediately shut it down, called CompUSA.

(Thank God for tech people!!! )

Turn it over ("like a roof") and let it be for a few days.

I peeked at it yesterday, plugged it in for a few seconds:

It seems to be ok, but there was a little splash of water (inside) coming from the corner of the screen. I decided it needed a few more days: the waiting is driving me crazy (as is having to come all the way in here, and SIT UP while typing... not good for Flaring NTE).

Anyways... I know I promised. I keep my promises. Here is a post... there will be more this week if I have to .. well, IDK what I'd have to do. But they'll be here.

Poor little laptop... It was the tiniest... tiniest tiniest little splash.

It'll be fine.. must not obsess. Must post and then rest.

:) I'll be back :)

1 comment:

Mel said...

Oh no!

Water + computer = not good!

Hope everything dries out soon!