Wednesday, January 03, 2007

December Perfect Post

Got some links for you, since I'm still on the DL.

Here's the roundup for December's perfect Posts

For Laughs:

Mom 101's Oy Tannenbaum

Giant's 10 Best Fake Movie Trailers of the Year

The better titles for the last Harry Potter book, over at Violet's Quill

Jennie's rant about Christmas Music I hate that stupid shoes song too.

More seriously, I'm in love with just about every single post over at The Happiness Project . Her idea of working towards happiness is a real goal, and that you need to put it on project status? Genius. So often, I'm stuck doing things that make me unhappy, and forget that there are things I can control to make myself happier. Must remember!

But my perfect post award goes to Melissa, over at Suburban Bliss, for her Christmas Lesson post.

Her striking honesty, her fearless ability to take stock of her own strengths and weaknesses, and the fact that she usually makes me laugh while doing so make her a must read to begin with. But this post, and particularly this line:

I thought I felt like a shitty mother because she was afraid of school but wow, I found a new level of feeling like a shitty mother when my daughter told me she was sorry she was afraid.

are remarkable. I know we all have those days, where the kid's hang ups are getting in the way of our busy schedules, and that it can be soo hard to remember then, in those moments, that what we do or say will leave a lasting impact. When Youngest Nephew told me he was afraid of my "mean voice" it made me feel like I was the worst aunt ever. EVER. And made me seriously reevaluate almost everything about the way I communicate with him. That's one of the wonders of the blogosphere, that you can connect with people who you've never met, but somehow share experiences with. Melissa's post was, for sure, this month's Perfect Post

A Perfect Post - December

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Jannie Funster said...

Where did you go? I have been reading your funny / interesting posts every day.

Hope You're okay.

The Christmas music rant post was funny, I haven't heard the Christmas shoes song but all three accounts of it concur it's annoying.