Monday, November 22, 2010

I am not feeling any more like writing today than I did yesterday, which is not unexpected, but damned inconvenient as far as my NaBloPoMo / 30 days of truth posting goal goes. But who says it has to be thirty consecutive days? Not me.

So howdy. That's about all I've got to say today.

It's nice to be home in my own bed, and I am so exhausted that I have barely moved from it for the entire day. But I'm trying to take my own advice: I spent so much of the past two months I kept telling Grandmother how she had to listen to her body, all the while feeling like a hypocrite because I was ignoring mine as much as possible. I do not regret it, because it was necessary, and because, before I left both Grandmother and UJ pulled me aside (separately) to tell me that they didn't think she would have recovered so well or so quickly without my help. I don't really believe that, but I do know that I helped as best I could, and that, if nothing else, I was a good listener for both of them. So, no: no regrets, but boy were there some difficult physical challenges for me these past few months. But I'm determinedly taking my own advice today, and listening to my body as it yells, screams and cries out for r e s t . In my nice comfy bed, which I have truly missed.

I'm going to keep trying to stick to the schedule, so the plan is to be back here tomorrow. Be good until then. :0)

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