Friday, May 19, 2006

A Flowery Sort of Post



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Today's theme is flowers. If we had any flowers around here, they have all drowned, because it has been raining for over a week. (The sun did make an appearance today, but mud is definitely the reigining theme outside).

So instead of real life flowers, I must again resort to searching through the pictures I've been scanning to see what I can come up with.

Be afraid.

Why afraid, you ask?


What could that hideous pattern be? A couch perhaps? Wallpaper?

No. If only we could be that lucky.

It's a dress - a fancy one apparently, as my grandmother wore it to her daughter's wedding. I'll grant you that the wedding did take place in 1976, but could this ever have been fashionable?

Which is not to say that my grandmother didn't have excellent taste in wallpaper and couches. No, that doesn't prove that at all....

These do:

That's right folks... flowers and pigeons ...quail...pheasants, maybe? Some sort of bird, at any rate.

And, while she may have bought this couch in 1976, it's now 2006 and the couch is still in her living room.

Even better is that they inhabited the same room as
these curtains.

This picture ---that makes us all grateful that there wasn't color film in this camera (circa 1949)--- proves that bad taste was not limited to my gene pool (they're from my stepdad's parents).

There seems to be some sort of jungle flower wallpaper, and yet... the couch? It seems to be a completely unrelated, and yet flowery, pattern. I can only guess at what sort of color scheme this might work in.

And one last picture, which would probably have been better off in black and white, shows that perhaps, it might be best NOT to buy furniture that people will clash with no matter what they are wearing. These two flower patterns? We're obviously doubly blessed.


So there's my bouquet for you today... I'm looking forward to seeing all your entries.

And a big thanks for all of your support last week. It really means a lot!


Unknown said...

I love the little footsies of the kiddos on the couch. I love kiddos' feet . I kiss my baby girl's little feet all of the time after her bath. I liked your flower pictures. Very creative!

Wystful1 said...


My SPH is published

Maribeth said...

LOL! Very imaginative! Mine is up too!

Never That Easy said...

a&i'smommy -
There is something about kiddies feet, isn't there? The littlest ones happen to be my own, and I'll take any compliment I can get, even 25 years later.

I'm off to check out some other pix right now...

Unknown said...

Very interesting expose on your ancestral flower power!

Ya just gotta love 'em eh!?

Mine's up. Pam

guppyman said...

I am cracking up over here.... those were classic....

You also made me want to share... check out the wallpaper that was on the walls of my house when i moved in:

here it is

Pat said...

GREAT choices for the theme of flowers. Much more imagination than I have. :-)

michele said...

That was different!

Lifecruiser said...

Well, I guess it is a good thing that the taste is different - because how would it look like if we all did wear the same looking clothes, had the same hairstyles, the same home decorating styles etc? An awful sight. *shivering*

Excellent idea for the photo theme though :-)

Thanks for stopping by mine.


-tnchick- said...

Oh - you really used some brain power. Very unique and I love it. That's why I enjoy visiting everyone - to see all the different ideas :)

YellowRose said...

Thanks for the giggles!! Very clever post!!

Mine is up! Happy Saturday!

MaR said...

Excellent choice for a bouquet! loved it!

Leesa said...

I love it! Very creative :)

Caroline said...

LOL. Very interesting take!

Mine is up!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ said...

Very creative! It shows how flowers can not always be so eye appealing, huh?!?!?

My Michigan pictures are up!

Mandy said...

Now that's the first 'different' flower theme I've come acorss today, and it's such a nice change. Thnx for sharing :)

Melli said...

ROFL! Well... creativity is a PLUS! I'm so sorry about all the rain you are having... it really is a sad thing! But it shows that you have the spunk to hang in there and play the game anyway!!! :) How fun!

Sariah said...

Oh my... I love flowers, but I'm real glad these things are no longer in style!

Great twist on the theme!

Anonymous said...

Very clever original idea! :) Mine is up too. :)

Froggie Mama said...

heehee I enjoyed your photo hunt! You have a great sense of humor! :)
Good choices!


Nice flower dress for the wedding.
Thanks for dropping by.

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