Monday, October 13, 2008

We may be overdoing it a bit...

Since I've been lucky enough to be an Auntie, as far back as Oldest Nephew (who just turned 12!), one of my favorite things to do with our kiddos has been introducing them to things I love. Getting to expose them to the joys of reading or poetry; to watch their faces when a science experiment goes off without a hitch; to let them use the expensive stickers and see the pride they have in what they've created - it's just one of the best things in my life.

When it comes to TV & movies, I've been lucky enough to hook Youngest Nephew on Indiana Jones & the Dinosaurs TV show, to scare Oldest Nephew with a great white shark, and to re experience the joys (and cringe at some of the realities, but that's another post) of the Disney universe through the eyes of all three of them.

Lil Girl is only here 2 days a week right now, but she's been slowly shortening the amount of time she'll nap, little by little every other week or so, leaving us with a nice chunk of morning time to do something restful and quiet like watching a movie. The rule is one movie, or one hour of TV, total for the day, which Lil Girl doesn't like at all, as the TV is constantly on at her house, but I can't use it as background noise like they do, because background noise makes me want to claw my ears off.

During the past few weeks, we've been slowly working our way through our Disney catalogue, starting with Ariel because she's got an old Ariel figurine that used to be SisterCh's. We went from Ariel to Cinderella, bounced over to Peter Pan & Aladdin, did a little Monster's Inc. (I forgot how cute Boo is!) & Toy Story; sat through the beginning of 101 Dalmatians 3 times, and, most recently, dug out Beauty and the Beast from its hiding place. We also have a ton of Disney books, so she's read a lot of the stories, even if she hasn't seen them on screen yet.

But, while playing with some more of those old action figures this week, I got a little hint that we may be bombarding her with a few too many story lines.

She had her Aladdin figure in one hand and I asked her what happened if I rubbed on his magic lamp.

Apparently, when you rub Aladdin's lamp, a "Crocodile comes out and eats off your hand, like Captain Hook."

Not exactly the Genie I was hoping for, but thanks for the fair warning, kiddo.

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Jen said...

That is too funny. My kids love the disney movies too.

Stacy said...

What a sweet picture of her! Although that is a lot to take in, at least you are reading them to her...LOL about the crossed storylines, though. :)

Kimberly said...

LOL! I love the way kids think!

Unknown said...

ha! it is rather difficult to keep all those stories straight! princesses, princes, pirates...they all kinda blend together!