Sunday, January 31, 2010

Arrows are not complicated directional systems, people...

I started writing a post about my dad and the argument we got into yesterday, just because it's been bothering me all night, but then he came in and apologized, and we talked, and it felt wrong to post a big rant after that.

Instead: run-on sentences, just for you!

No, really... how about just the highlights of what's going on around here:

- Yesterday, we went to IKEA, which I went to mainly so I could spend some time with SisterJ, who has been spending time with us lately on the weekends, and it makes me smile when she does that. (Thank you, 5-hour energy!)

- IKEA is a gigantic, multilevel warehouse filled with furniture, a complex maze of arrows, and lots of great organizational things that I can't figure out because I am design-ally challenged. I went looking for a table, and came home with four little tiny glass jars.

- I hate IKEA. It took about 4 hours to get through the gigantic arrowed store, and buy those 4 little tiny jars. With (No longer)Youngest Nephew, who spent a great deal of his time varying between complaint and repeated requests that we not 'ditch' him... I have never ditched him in my life, but this store certainly made me consider it.

- Actually, I would've liked to just roll into one of those model rooms and close the door, but there were, sadly, no doors.

- And about 3000 people.

- Who apparently do not understand that you are supposed to go the way the arrow is pointing, not against it.

- I am never going to IKEA again.

- Tomorrow I have an appointment with Zach, that I rescheduled from December. I am sore enough today to know that tomorrow's appointment is going to be torture (always the touching: why must you touch?), but I have to go, because we have not even talked about XMRV or the results from my last round of tests and I do not feel like waiting anymore.

- This reminds me of two things: A) I still haven't written that XMRV post (which means I never sent the info to Janice either: sorry Janice! Brain = not smart) and B)Tomorrow is February.

- What the hell happened to January?

- Here is the only thing worth publishing from that ridiculous rant I wrote:

He's also a real sweetheart, possessed of a great gentleness and a sincerity that seems out of place in the here and now (He shovels the neighbors sidewalks, brings them extra food, and takes out the trash for the older woman behind us, because "it's what neighbors do"... Do neighbors still do that where you live? If it was left to me, I would not even know the neighbors' names.) I don't want you to think he's a monster: I don't think that. He's my dad, and I love him - he's lived with mostly women his whole life (think: 4 girls, my mom, and before that he lived with his ex-wife, and before that, his mother) but he's still clueless enough to think that "Do you have your period?" is an acceptable question; he gave me (and anyone else who ever walked into our house) a classic rock education (I think he was never more ashamed of me than when I got a Beatles question wrong on Trivial Pursuit); he's funny and affable, and, although he too often starts sentences with the phrase "Someday I won't be here anymore...", I don't know what I'll do if that day eventually arrives. I love him a lot, is what I'm saying.

How about you guys: How's your week looking?

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Ashley said...

I looooove IKEA. Once you figure it out, it's awesome.