Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"No pas creme freche"

Henri and I are feeling quite simpatico right now - I actually had a pretty good weekend, but ended up with either a MAJOR allergy attack or a not so horrible but still annoying cold, or (more likely) a combination of the two & it has not been awesome for me (hives! scratching my eyes out! a nose that is all drippy and sneezy! a throat that is scratchier than an emery board!).  I feel like a waste of space, with the lowest amount of possible energy a human being can have and still be said to be 'existing': I am frustrated at yet another set back, but also I kind of don't care about anything either, because that would take too much effort.  I would have said I was behaving slug-like, but then I saw this video, and I knew it could explain it better than I could.     Here's hoping tomorrow is not an Henri kind of day, for any of us.  Now, somebody help me dig up some spoons. 

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