Friday, June 01, 2012

Hey, All, it's June

Which means that I'm going to be posting this month's edition of the Disability Blog Carnival - #83 - The post is going to go up on June the 25th, and (in honor of Arbitrary Day) can be about anything disability related your little heart desires: an old post that's a particular favorite of yours that you wish more people had seen, a brand, shiny new post that you're going to write specifically for the Carnival, a rant, a rave, a list  - whatever floats your particular boat.  

You can post the links on this page, or just leave a comment if you want me to send you my e-mail address (as that link has conveniently disappeared from my template for some strange reason).  I do ask that you do your best to make your website as accessible as possible... for me, that means making visual descriptions of things and leaving the captcha off of commenting, when I have the spoons. (And understanding that other people might not have the spoons, when I come across a site that doesn't follow that same protocol.)  Submissions will be open till the 23rd, just so I have a chance to compile them all, because last time I hosted there weren't too many, and I had to do some filling in with some favorite posts by other people, which meant remembering where the heck I'd read something, which is an iffy proposition sometimes for me.

Happy June, everybody!  


Penny L. Richards said...

Yeah! I linked here with the announcement at DSTU:

Ruth Madison said...

I would like to participate with my older post:

I'm not sure how accessible my blog is. I've tried to turn off the CAPTCHA, but I don't know if I was successful or not :(

Bob Rudney said...

For June 25 issue:

Love, Sex, and Disability

Lovers Lame is the novel that makes disability sexy (go to:

An acquaintance recently told me that, at the national spinal cord injury conferences, the workshops that always attract a capacity crowd are those on human sexuality. I don’t find that surprising. For too long, people with disabilities have largely denied their sexuality or were discouraged from practicing their sexuality. Part of this must emanate from an unconscious social Darwinist fixation with natural selection. “We can’t let those crips procreate. It’s against nature.”

Certainly, the mass media obsession with perfect bodies didn’t help the situation. How many movies or TV shows present people with disabilities in romantic or sexual situations? Not many…

One reason for writing Lovers Lame was to explode this misconception. The loving relationship between Christy and Jonathan, two individuals in wheelchairs, transcends their disabilities, societal norms, a serious accident, and pig-headed parents. With a little help from a sympathetic personal assistant, they achieve sexual fulfillment. They are the lucky ones, but they are fictional. So many real-life men and women with disabilities never know true romantic love, true sexual attraction. The odds are stacked against them.

There are matching services for people with disabilities, like Dateable ( There are plenty of supportive psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. There are curb cuts and ramps and interpreters and screen reader software to facilitate relationships. Still it’s tough. The Americans with Disabilities Act didn’t legislate sexual equality. Finding one’s love mate is difficult, even for the temporarily able-bodied.

The tempestuous relationship between David and Jessica, the novel’s two main characters, reflects other themes. Like everybody else, people with disabilities deal with unrequited love, make destructive romantic choices, misread social cues, and misinterpret sexual communication. One key factor in the David/Jessica conundrum is that David was born disabled, while Jessica became disabled as an adult. Jessica still remembers (bitterly) her days as a full-bodied, athletic, sexually promiscuous woman. David has always battled his disability and has constructed an elaborate array of psychological defenses to protect himself against life’s – and love’s – rude disappointments.

Each disability is different. As far as I can tell, Lovers Lame is the first novel to depict a love affair between a man with a congenital disability and a woman with an adult onset disability. In fact, Lovers Lame is the first real disability romance and breaks new ground in dealing with human emotions. In so doing, it brings people with disabilities one step closer to full acceptance in American society and culture.

Penny L. Richards said...

This link might be stuck in your cache; the blogger sent it to DSTU also, hope I have more luck than she did?!?!

Never That Easy said...

For some reason that link keeps getting marked as spam, but have no fear: I have the link. I'm going to see if I can get the original comments to post, but in the meantime, just a note to let you know that I've got them. Thanks Penny & Alison!

Penny L. Richards said...

I don't blog much these days, but I did write up a little post about Infante Philip, the Duke of Calabria (1747-1777), on his birthday today:

Stacie said...

If I may, I would like to share an old one called "Masquerading" at Thank you so much for hosting! Stacie

Meriah said...

Hi! I"d like to participate with my post:

Thank you!

- Meriah (from With A Little Moxie:

ps. I am hosting a Summer Disability Blog Hop on my blog every Wednesday - I'd love it if you joined!

Casey said...

I'd like to contribute with this post:

--Casey from "Adventures of a Part-Time Wheeler"

Anonymous said...


I was working on a post that I was going to submit, but it is nowhere near ready so I'm going a different way.

In honor of Arbitrary Day, I've chosen a post that doesn't reflect AT ALL my normal blogging style. I'm doing a new intro and will repost it later tonight and return with the link, etc., then. Hope that's OK.


Anonymous said...

It's done! I really hope you can use it. I wrote a new intro for the carnival.

Blog name: After Gadget
My name: Sharon Wachsler
Post: Reprise of life w/lyme, mcs, cfids: a different kind of typical atypical

Thank you for hosting!

GirlWithTheCane said...

I'd like to contribute if it's not too late to do so...

Name: GirlWithTheCane
Blog: Girl With Cane
Link to Post:


Day Al-Mohamed / Day in Washington said...

I know I'm late and today's the posting day, but I couldn't resist. And I CAN say I'm being moderatly "arbitraty" in honor of the day. :)

Name/Blog Name: Day Al-Mohamed
Post Title: Inspiration Porn
Post Subject: A personal response to the rise of "disability inspiration porn" in memes on facebook, pinterest and other places on the internet.


It's been a long time since I've participated in one of these. Thank you for hosting!