Thursday, June 20, 2013

Plus also, my dad's been on sick leave/vacation for three weeks, and summer vacation starts Tuesday for the kids, so: totally fine!

So, one of my biggest problems with this space is that it is both awesome and pressure all at the same time.  Good pressure, but still.  Hoping to start up the daily blogging thing again come July, if only because it'll give me a reason to keep the door closed and the TV off.  But I'm working on some things, some projects, in the meantime.  Got stuff brewing. Doing a little bit of non-blog writing every now and then, even. But there's also been a bunch of family stuff (always), and a severe spoon shortage (also always), so I'm only getting through about a third of my to-do list. 

Oh, and that's not even mentioning the doctor drama, wherein I (yet again) get dumped by my primary care doctor and have to scramble to find a (MassHealth accepting) replacement. (Which I have yet to do: joy of joys!) And how that screws up every single other doctor and specialist I have to see, all because, well - she don't know what to do with me anymore, and she's sick of trying and having more things go wrong? Guess who else feels exactly that same way? But doesn't have the luxury of bailing?  This girl, right here! Although her official complaint was that Zack was taking over more and more of my care, and 'he's not in our network, so I don't get his notes right away and that's not a viable way to provide care.' So... because your computers don't speak the same exact language and it takes a couple of weeks for things to get filtered through to you...? Mmhmm: Not Buying It. 

I knew it was coming - I am not a debutante dumpee, after all - a few months back when she started talking about how the hospital was consolidating referrals and maybe I'd have to start switching some of my specialists over to new ones. Which would mean finding at least six new specialists and starting from scratch with all of them, ON TOP OF leaving Zach, which I am just unwilling to do, instead of just, say finding a new primary care doc. She was quick to point out that it would be easier on me to find a new PCP, probably, in long run, didn't I think?   Well, actually, I think the whole system is beyond asinine, because the person I see the most can't be my 'primary care' and everybody else gets pissy over the fact that I want to see him so often, even though he's the only one who, you know, actually tries to help me by doing things?

As opposed to the lot of you who say things like "It's chronic illness and you'll just have to learn to adapt better" or "If you lose a couple of pounds that might go a long way" (it did not, by the way: I have felt no better at 150 than I did at 200, I was considerable worse at 165 than I was at either of those, so .... shove it?) and "with all these new problems cropping up, it's hard to know where to start with you, so I'm not comfortable doing anything." (Seriously: that last is an exact quote.  Too. Many. Things. Don't. Want. To. Help. With. Any. Of. Them. Screw You.)

So, I've got one more appt with her - my soon-to-be ex-PCP - next week, during which she will help with exactly zero things, probably google half of the things I tell her, and randomly search the network for test results that should have been back weeks ago, and then I have to hit the phones again.  For the ... third time in under five years?  With no guarantees that I can find anybody (in our state's primary care drought) that a) takes my non-insurance, b) understands about chronic illnesses in general, and mine specifically, c) understands that I need to see specialists pretty often and d) will not put up a fuss about Zach and his experiments, because I am not willing to stop experimenting.  

All of which makes me want to spend my time digging out my West Wing DVDs just so I can watch Sam & Toby and Josh and pretend I don't hate the world for a little while.

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