Thursday, March 16, 2006

Coming Up... Our second "Am I the Only One...?"

So... people, am I the only one who things that t.v. shows need to stop it with all the "coming up" stuff?

I mean, the show is only however long (an hour, a half hour, whatever): do I really need the previews for what's coming after the commercial break? If I'm not into the show already, I'm not going to stick around for after the commercial, no matter what you show me. And if I am into the show, you are ruining what comes next!

Personally, I'm getting a bit frustrated with all these previews: the American Inventor show I'm watching right now has just shown yet another preview for what happens after the break. I'm enjoying the show (it's a bit weird, but it's new and different, and some of these people have really good ideas), but if they've already shown me what's going to happen next: why bother to keep watching?

Other repeat offenders include Dr.Phil (who I have mostly stopped watching anyways, because it seems like he gave all his advice during the first season), Project Runway (note to producers for next season: STOP DOING THIS), the news (Oh, my goodness, newspeople - just tell me the news in the order you're going to tell it and stop hinting at what comes later!) and all those E-Access-Entertainment-Hollywood tabloid shows (who I've noticed go so far as to say "Coming up at 7:53" or "Coming up in 7 minutes", as if it were a piece of vital information that I need to know E_X_A_C_T_L_Y when it will be shown).

I'm pretty sure these "coming up"s are called teasers, but I think a better name would be annoyers. For me, they accomplish the exact opposite of what they are intended to do - they only make me want to change the channel.

So tell me people - Am I the Only One?

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