Monday, March 20, 2006

Picture pages, picture pages, come and get your picture pages....

And, I'm totally the only one who knows what the hellthat is, but big deal :O)

So, I feel like I am skimping on pictures lately, and this is odd. Odd because I have begun the monumental project of scanning EVERY FRICKIN picture in our house into the computer, and onto disks. Just in case. (In case what? I don't know. And it isn't as if I was in the middle of 64 other monumental projects either. I'm such a dope.)

N-E ways....

So, the question becomes, how to show you pictures without actually showing any pictures. Enter the Blooper Book

You know all those really bad pictures that (normal) people usually throw out? Yeah, I don't do that: I file them. I display them. I find them intriguing, and often spend time trying to decipher just what the hell is going on in them. Yes, I realize I am strange. Deal.

So... Voila! Some pictures:

Here's Youngest Sis & Youngest Nephew. I really like the silhouette, but everybody else thinks I'm crazy.

Here's a classic (circa 1960 something) from the ever popular "Finger-in-the-way" genre:

Yeah, I can't get this one to rotate onto it's side, but, this is Sis #2 with Youngest Nephew - Tickle Torture.

And, lastly, just in case you wanted to know, here's me: (sort of)

A couple of pictures to liven things up a bit.

Now I've got to go and get this song out of my head (... time to grab your crayons and your pen-cils)

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