Tuesday, March 07, 2006


So I've been brewing a post about the difference between watching a movie in a theater and watching it at home, but it's not done yet, so instead, I've got linkage for you today.

I've been watching trailers online this morning (and, apparently, afternoon, since it's 1:00 already). I don't know why I bother, as I haven't been to the movie theater to see a movie since the first Harry Potter came out (2001: thanks IMDB), but there seem to be a lot of interesting things coming out this year.

Of course, there's X-Men 3, whose trailer I saw on TV yesterday and was forced to find it again online this morning in order to figure out what Jean Grey was saying at the end. ("Kill Me" in case you cared). I loved the first two, and am already adding this to my Netflix Queue, even though it's not even in the theater yet. Just so I won't forget.

So X-Men 3 started it, but there were a bunch of other things I want to see now too:

Since the success of Chicago a few years back, musicals are popular again. I am a big fan of this trend, since the musicals of Hollywood's Golden age are among my favorite movies of all time. So a second crop of musicals is only fab-u-lous in my opinion. The ones I saw trailers for included

Dreamgirls - "And I am Telling You," sung by Jennifer Holliday was the only thing on the trailer, but it was enough for me. I don't know about the cast, but, as I wasn't even alive when the show was on Broadway, I'd love to see the storyline to go with the songs I know.

Idelwild - Roaring Twenties with an Outkast beat? Something to see, I'm sure.

Romance & Cigarettes Aside from the all-star cast and the interesting storyline, the trailer made it seem like the musical numbers were Blues Brothers or Moulin Rouge style: pop music of different eras all jumbled into the storyline.

In the Guilty Pleasures category were:

Just My Luck Guilty b/c it looks just too much like every other Lindsay Lohan movie, and yet I still thought "I'd see that."

Poseidon Because I so love the original and all its 70's disaster movie splendor (and hated that crappy TV version they did last fall).

In the Movies My Nephew will want to see (and I wouldn't cry at having to sit through)category:


Happy Feet Isn't the penguin just too cute?

And, finally, in the why haven't I heard more about these category:

Catch & Release Cast include Jennifer Garner & Kevin Smith... and the trailer looked different (good different, as in, "I haven't seen this movie 72 different ways" different)

Lonesome Jim Well, this is an "independent" movie, so that's why we haven't heard anything about it. But it looks good.

Click I'm pretty sure the only reason we haven't heard anything about this yet is that it's not out till June. Adam Sandler is hit or miss with me (hit - Big Daddy, Spanglish; miss -Punch Drunk Love, the Waterboy), but this looks promising.

So that's what I've been doing all day. (I've got a PET Scan manana and am trying to take it easy so as not to cause a huge flare again.) How bout you guys... up to anything interesting?

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