Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pass it on over, please

My Grandmother has a unique view of the world. We do not usually agree on things... I often find myself rolling my eyes at what she calls her "old-fashioned" ideas. (To me, there is a difference between a traditional viewpoint and a racist one, but she seems to think they are synonymous).

She also has a lot of sayings that drive me crazy, mostly because they are meaningless - "A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a whole lot of nothing" is the current front runner, followed closely by the admonishment to "Never get old" (because the alternative is so appealing?). I know that when she is no longer with us that I will miss these little gems, but right now they drive me nuts.

However, one of her sayings that I am totally sympatico with is

"Anybody who buys that should have their money taken away from them."

I'll even take it a step further - Not only should their money be taken away from them, there should be a requirement (maybe even a law), that it should be given to me.

I'm sorry, but is there anyone who actually needs

"Gold Plated Cuticle Nippers?"

How about a

"Diamond Nail File?"

If you have this kind of money to waste on these kind of items, may I recommend a nice charity instead? (Or, failing that, personal contributions to the "Never That Easy" fund? )

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