Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here's my February Perfect PostA Perfect Post – February 2007 : Heather Anne's very sweet "Love Anyways".

And a couple of the runners-up:

For Laughs - Paperback Writer's List of "10 Things I hate about your protagonist!" (Particularly #5) & Anti-Valentine Anthems over at The Lipstick Chronicles

Two huge thumbs up to Dooce, for, as always saying what I wanted to say, only better.

In thenever endingg quest for a better me, I'm going to give credit to Wishful Thinking's post 5 Reasons Why Enthusiasm is Better than Confidence, and one of my very favorite sites, the Happiness Project, for her Secrets of My Adulthood. Both made me think (& wish I'd thought sooner.)

Lastly, there's a brief blurb in an editorial from the Ohio News Herald (found
here) about how the CDC shouldn't be wasting it's money on a CFIDS awareness campaign. It's a short five sentences, yet manages to be chockful of misinformation and condescension. I think you all can see why I wouldn't be too pleased with that. But what's more important are some of the comments that follow it: many are from CFIDS sufferers, who give information, first hand accounts, and call the editors to the carpet for saying that CFIDS isn't "important enough" to warrant such funding. (There's a few loose nuts sprinkled in there too, but what are you gonna do?) I just think all those little notes might make the editors think twice about what they've said, particularly some of the more grim statistics ("To put this into perspective, CFIDS is over four times more common than HIV infection in women (125/100,000), and the rate of CFIDS in women is considerably higher than a woman's lifetime risk of getting lung cancer (63/100,000).")

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