Sunday, March 18, 2007

Why do I even bother?

See, here's the thing: I hate to ask my dad questions. Because there's no simple answers: it's all ... "well, you see..." and then 25 minutes of explanations. He sits down and makes himself comfortable and starts talking.

And that's a horrible thing to admit, I know it makes me feel bad, but he's just so rambly...
And he almost never answers the actual question I asked.

NTE: How did your doctor's appt go?
Him: "Well, I went in and sat down and talked to him about refilling my Rx, and then... you know I don't like it when they come in and just rush you through everything... Well, I need a new doctor.... And I want your mother to get a new doctor, but she's so stubborn, like with her teeth. You know she needs a root canal, but she doesn't want to go and get it done. But I get so frustrated with these people who are supposed to be helping you, and you're paying and the insurance company is paying them, but do you think that matters to them? Also.... I need a new insurance company, since the company is switching come the next year... "

and now, it's 45 minutes later and he's going on and on about (I am not kidding) the time when he had to write a resume for his job, but he didn't really know the form they wanted it in.

And then he wonders why people don't try harder to keep him in the loop.

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