Friday, March 02, 2007

Not the wake-up call I requested:

That was the view from my window this morning, as a car spun into my front yard and crashed into the tree about 24' from the wall my bed is against. Thanks to the CFIDS-Insomnia, I wasn't really asleep, but it was early enough (6:30) that I was in that hazy "It's still dark and I will continue to lay here pretending I am asleep" vague phase. The sound of the car crashing into the tree was so loud, but incomputable to my sleepy brain. The wind had been whipping, and I figured it had knocked over a few of the barrels or something. A quick look out my window, however, had me immediately grabbing my phone, for my first-ever call to 911:

In under 6 minutes, a fire truck was on the scene, and firemen were in the yard trying to pry open the passenger's side door (because the driver's side was crumpled closed). The woman driving the car was injured (a gash on her head), but not majorly, and took one of three ambulances to the hospital. Within 30 minutes of the accident, a tow-truck was onscene, maneuvering the totaled car off of the sidewalk and out of our yard.

All in all, falls into the "Holy Crap that Could Have Been SOO Much Worse" category.


Brown Eyed Girl said...

That is unbelieveable!

So glad you weren't hurt.

That happened to me once...except it was MY car. Some drunk had fallen asleep at the wheel, hit my parked car that rammed into my Mom's parked car infront of me and they both landed on my lawn.

Not good.

Maya's Granny said...

I'm so glad that the tree stopped it before it got to your bedroom!

And I was complaining because the sound of the snow plow woke me at 5:30 -- at least it was doing something I needed it to do.