Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I need one of these...

One of my more "minor" issues is an increased sensitivity to hot & cold. I've talked before about how that issue effects my showering habits - honestly, most showers end without me ever touching the cold water faucet.

This hypersensitivity can be trouble, though, particularly when I'm watching the kiddos. I always err on the side of too cold, and have somebody else double check the temperature of the face cloth or bath water, if they're around. But this is a much better idea. Something to invest in, I'm thinking.

And, BTW, if you don't hang out at Parent Hacks, you definitely should!

I'm not too fond of the new Blogger, so far: having to sign on every time I try to post is a pain in the butt. On the plus side, there are the handy-dandy post labels - I like. However having entire posts deleted instead of saved - this is a VERY BAD THING. Because I've already typed things, and I'm too out of it to type them all again. So when they disappear, they're most probably gone for good.

However, I do want to retype some of the things I've said to my fabulous commenters, because you guys rock, and I totally appreciate you coming 'round.

Miss Janice - I really can't thank you enough for my surprise: it certainly did come at exactly the right time. (And wasn't it fabulous? Even when he's being a dope, Roarke is totally swoon-worthy.) Also: can I, just for a minute, say that you've got to be nicer to yourself? You're one of the most involved, interesting & thoughtful people I am lucky enough to know. If McHub isn't seeing it, than that's his loss. I see it: your friends do. So give yourself a pat on the back (and him a kick in his arse). Nuf said.

Jo I know you are one of the few people who will take this the right way: I'm so glad they have a name for what's wrong with you! (Hopefully!) I'm always thinking of you - be as well as possible.

And a big welcome to all my first time commenters! Thanks for dropping by!


Awesome Mom said...

I am not sure why you have to sing in every time with the new blogger, I have hat it for awhile now and I have not signed in for ages. Maybe it just likes me better! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jo said...

Hey NTE,

Um, I know it’s incredibly late – lots has conspired to keep me from my beloved laptop and blog friends lately – but I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the comment and mention following my EMG. You’re right; I totally took it the right way! And I’m often thinking about you, too. How are things with you at the moment??? (((Hugs)))

Oh, and I completely understand about the shower thing, except I do the opposite to you – I’m forever fiddling with the hot tap instead! Isn’t it funny how M.E/CFS can be so similar yet so different between sufferers. Stoopid illness. ;o)

Jo xxx