Friday, November 28, 2008

You couldn't get me into a brick and mortar store today

for all the money in the world.

But I'm willing to let you try.

Hope you are having a calm, relaxing post-Thanksgiving day. We're doing leftovers and game night tonight, and Youngest Nephew is going to sleep over. I am trying to take it easy, as I am sore as hell today. I fell last night, banged my back up a bit. I think it had to do with coming off of the medicine that's been making me dizzy & just being plain worn out.

I'm really bad at the whole walking-away-before-you're-completely-exhausted aspect of things, even 14 years into this whole chronic illness thing. Special occasions are especially difficult: walking away when things are just getting rolling, when everybody just starts laughing, when the game boards come out - yeah, that's really tough for me. But I know there are a lot of things between ALL IN and FALLING DOWN, and I just have to pay more attention to the other options; kick people out of my big chair, take the medicine before things get really bad... I know all of this, but I need to do it.

Sometimes I feel like a dope, wishing things could be different instead of doing things differently.

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