Saturday, July 11, 2009

Because they make a good point about Dumbledore

who should have just TOLD Harry that Voldemort could read his thoughts instead of hiding from him for an entire school year... Check out this article, about lazy wizards. The highlight:

Gargamel is a hermit "wizard" who is the Smurfs' main antagonist. At various times he either wants to capture the Smurfs and use them as part of a potion that creates gold, or he wants to eat them. The Smurfs are a versatile resource for Gargamel.

The case against him:
If successful wizarding were baseball, Gargamel would be the White Sox. His only goal in life is to capture the Smurfs and since all Smurfs are roughly the size of squirrels and subsist almost entirely on a diet of Smurfberries, one would conclude that a basic knowledge of mousetraps would do the trick.

Instead, Gargamel, with the entire arsenal of potions from the wizarding world at his disposal, launches infuriatingly complicated Rube Goldbergian magical schemes, and completely fails every single time.

Being outsmarted by a Smurf is like being outsmarted by one of your shoes.
The Smurfs each fulfill a specific function in their little communist utopia, such as being bashful, vain or gay. Take them out of that element and they have no idea how to cope outside of screaming their blue heads off to get Papa Smurf to rescue them. The fact that Papa Smurf usually does rescue them by using his own magical powers means that Papa Smurf is actually a far greater wizard than Gargamel. By extension this probably also means that one of your shoes is likely a far greater wizard than Gargamel.
From The 7 Most Powerful Wizards Too Lazy To Use Their Powers

Must be making plans for HP 6 soon... am VERY excited.

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Sue Jackson said...

Sounds like a VERY interesting article!!

In college we used to play drinking-Smurfs on Saturday mornings (it was a rough crowd). Everytime they said "smurf" you had to take a drink and every time they said "Papa Smurf", you had to chug your whole beer. It was quite a sight the morning that Papa Smurf got lost and all the smurfs were walking through the forest yelling, "Papa Smurf!"

I also dressed as a smurf one Halloween in college and still have a stuffed smurf.

I can't believe I just told you all this strange stuff about me!!


P.S. We're counting the days until Harry Potter comes out next week!