Monday, July 20, 2009


Yesterday was my grandmother's 92nd birthday, and I spent today in bed recovering- hence the late Best Shot, but it's still Monday, at least! The party was great - nobody bickered (or if they did, I didn't know about); there were munchkins for everyone to coo over, food for everyone to eat, and fun for everyone to have.
Grandmother was almost in tears twice - once because of truly heartfelt gift and once because of a truly hilarious gag gift.

Everybody should have a grandmother who requests a weapon for her next birthday, who'll help you search when your sippy cup goes missing (poor Baby O, we still didn't find it!), who'll tell you the potato salad was wonderful even though you know it was too dry.

Who'll sit through a long-winded cousin's story without rolling her eyes, but commiserate with you when you tell her you were thinking of rolling down the porch steps to escape.

Who gets a kick out of her children, her children's children, and their children ~ who you always know is watching, listening, and is guaranteed to catch you in the act.

Who manages to love with her whole heart, even if people sometimes don't notice.

So, in honor of the day, I've been saving this picture from a couple of weeks ago: Happy Birthday, Grandmother ~ many happy returns!


Leslie said...

Oh, this is a beautiful, beautiful photograph. My 92-year-old grandfather recently spent several weeks with us, and I wish I had this kind of joyful shot of that time.

Puna said...

Happy birthday Grandma!

toyfoto said...

WOW. Don't you just love WOW! moments. Beautiful picture of a beautiful woman.

Amy Jo said...

That is a spectacular photo! It captures such great emotion!

Sue Jackson said...

She sounds wonderful, and I LOVE your photo! What a nice way to honor her. Hope you recover quickly (I know that was a while ago - just catching up!)


Killlashandra said...

She sounds like a wonderful grandmother! What a character and what wonderful memories I'm sure you have together. :)