Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Who likes parenthesis?

I hope it's you, because this post is full of 'em.

Only Lil Girl showed up today, and she showed up in her best mood. We watched thunderclouds roll through and looked for rainbows when they were gone. (But we didn't find any) We ate all sorts of cheese based meals (mac and cheese, grilled cheese) with very little nutritional value whatsoever and pre-meal whining was at minimum.(Fruit? Never heard of it. And sadly, there were no green beans at hand, so vegetables were also a no go.) We watched half of Toy Story 2 and she fell asleep during the first song of our 'quiet music' playlist. (With a pillow over her face: safety is our call word around here.) (I didn't leave it on, don't worry. But, seriously, who falls asleep like that?) My camera stopped working, but I'm hoping(/pretending) that it's just that the batteries were too low, so I'm charging them all again. (Two pairs of batteries, and the screen was still shutting off... I can NOT afford to buy a camera right now, so let's all say a little chant that it was just the batteries.) I watched 3 minutes of the Michael Jackson coverage and bawled, and was quite glad to miss out on the rest of it. (Blah. I do not know why people cannot understand that if somebody in your family dies, you would like to be left the hell alone... the only part I saw was that little girl crying, and HOW can anybody not be touched by that?) My brother picked up his child before the sun set (for the first time in over a month) and she was ready to go when he got here. And now I am writing to all of you, getting ready for Jeopardy (Remind me to finish that post about Grandmother's house and Jeopardy, so that you can understand how important that is), and being glad that my heating pad is working again (yesterday it decided to not work. At all.)

How did your day go?

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Crazed Mom said...

Hey my lovely friend,

DO NOT diss Jeopardy. It's a bog deal here too. :) Only cuz I whip everyone's ass on the questions.

Pupples falls asleep with his nose buried in a blanket or on whatever family member is holding him. It's so cute.

Happy the heating pad is working for ya!

Love and healing hugs.