Friday, September 23, 2005

See what I get?

I write an e-mail that the whole thing disappeared, and it comes back. It's like making a doctor's appointment: you think you're dying when you make the call, but by the time you get there, the rash has gone away, the swelling has faded, your throat no longer croaks. Oh well.

I figured I'd show you the posts from over there, just so you can see my stellar introduction to the blogosphere.

Here we go:

Tuesday, September 20, 2005 (Day #1)

It really is anybody's guess
Whether or not I'll be able to figure out what I'm doing here.Welcome to my blog - After way too much consideration (if you hang around long enough, you'll see that I consider everything way too much), I've decided to join the blogosphere. I've got tons of things to talk about, and I'd love to be able to ramble on with some of you, see what you all have got to say. I gathered during my own wanderings that a first post is usually an introduction to the blogger, but I'd rather you guessed. I'm sure that my posts will be chock full of information about me, and I think I'm going to leave the introductions for a while, see if we can't get to know each other by what we're saying here. This might not work, but since it's my blog, I can change it whenever I want, right?Instead, I'll give you some sort of background on the blog's title: It's Anybody's Guess = IAG.
See, I'm a bit late to the party here: all the witty names I could think of were taken, there's only so many ways to twist the word blog (which sounds weird to begin with), and basically, I have no idea what I'm doing here.
So IAG -
whether or not I'll enjoy this enough to work at it.
whether or not I'll be able to figure out the ins and outs of blogging and not shoot myself first. (Naively, I thought this would be easy, but am finding quite differently: case in point, the spell checker tells me there's no such words as blog, blogging, or anybody's... hmm perhaps I have chosen unwisely?)
if anybody will read - or enjoy - what I have to say
if I'll have anything to say
what I'll decide to talk about on any given day
if I'll just be rambling to myself some more
So, that's my introductory post. We'll have to see how it goes from here. Cross your fingers.

C said... Amy, I'm confused. What happened to your old site? 2:44 PM

Amy said... Hi Christy,This is not my blog! I am not sure what happened, but it looks like my blog address got hijacked. To the person who has this blog, no offense! 3:12 PM

I said... Well, see... I told you I was new to this. I didn't think they would have let me use the name if someone already had it. See what I know? Hope I haven't stepped on any toes. 3:46 PM
m said... Amy, and whoever the new person is: you can both write to Blogger to see what happened.Amy, you didn't let your blog lapse, did you? I mean, you were pretty regular about writing. It hadn't been months since your last post. 4:06 PM

SQ said... How weird.I have Amy's link on my Blog ~ have had it for months ~ and when I clicked it, I was brought to this blog.No offense to this person either, but Amy do you have another blog address so I can find YOU again? 4:08 PM

lb said... OMG, I clicked on my 'amy' link on my site and got here. I thought...what happened? This is not Amy. Where is Amy? Dosent look like Amy....nope. Amy has been blogging for a offense to who is the new one to would think that 2 couldnt use the same 1.
5:48 PM

Anonymous said... Amy where are you?? I haven't been able to click on your link for a week and then today I was brought to this blog you really should write to them to find out, and the person who has this blog now you should write too because the name was taken and they did let you use it strange and sad please get it fixed up we all miss your writing!! 7:02 PM

AE said... welcome to the blog world! 5:45 AM

JS said... I miss your blog Aim.I was able to locate a cache of all your blogs as far back as the beginning of August using I'll keep trying to find caches of your blog... I hoped you backed up! 9:17 AM

K said... Holy mother of christ this freaks me out.I have months and months and months of writing on blog. I would freak if I lost everything!Amy...(and sorry to the new anyone'sguess) but you really need to get to the bottom of this.... OR...You just take this as a sign to start fresh.It's up to you. Blogger probably is way backed up and will never get back to you about what happened. 10:30 AM

L said... OMG..Amy and new Anybody's guess..this is interesting!Can you both Blog? Amy keep us posted on where you are going and welcome to Blogworld other Blogger! 5:27 PM

mm said... Gosh, I wondered what happened....Welcome to you, new one, and Amy, we miss you. Freaky! 9:57 PM

JS said... As an update, I was able to find all of Amy's blogs I think.If this happens to anyone else, come to me. ;)~

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