Wednesday, September 28, 2005

There’s a million things I could/should be doing right now: Organizing my mess. Making all the phone calls I’ve been putting off for a week. Cleaning the files off the old computer. Writing, or polishing something I’ve already written. Figuring out when I can see my friend who I’ve been trying to get together with for 3 months. Working on one of the 5 craft projects I’m right in the middle of. Labeling or sorting files. Building lesson plans for if I ever go back to work. Even making lunch.

Instead, I’m sitting here, babbling. It’s mostly because I know school will be out soon and Nephew will be bustling in, full of energy and chit-chat. Then I’d have to put whatever I was doing away anyways, and try to find the energy to make it through the rest of our day. But even that feels like an excuse, because wandering around reading blogs and my favorite websites, browsing on E-bay and skipping though my music player are just about all I have the energy for today. So that’s what I’m doing, doesn't it sound wicked exciting?

Anybody else wasting their day? If so, I'd love to hear about it, help ease my own guilt a bit. :)


postUK said...

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The Q said...

Well I'm techincally "working" (I'm at work, in a chair in front of a computer) but I'm wasting part of my day reading blogs. Does that help ease your guilt any?

Never That Easy said...

Actually soozieq, it kind-of does. I know I am not the sole procratstinator, but it's so nice to hear from others. ;)