Monday, July 30, 2007

Hey everybody!

a bit of commenting back.

Ms. JaniceNW said -


Welcome back.

Why don;t you have a link to my blog cuz I have one to yours on mine? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Well? I want an answer Missy!

I missed you like crazy. Really.


Janice - I missed you like crazy, too! And the reason your blog isn't linked to mine is because I am sooooooooooooooo far behind that I haven't updated my link list in.... months. BUT - no worries: I aim to do so almost immediately!

Gina: I'm so glad you like children's literature, too. So many of my friends are kindergarten teachers or mommies, so we never thought that there was anything strange about it. But I've run into a bunch of book snobs, just lately, who've turned their noses up at some of my recommendations. Blah to them.

Seahorse - Thanks so much for the meme-love! It's going on my list... (hopefully, that means I'll get to it soon.)

Alrighty? And a big HEY to all the lurkers (I know you're lurking, cuz my sitemeter tells me so)! I'm a lurker at many sites, so I'm feeling so special that you guys are hanging around here.


Ruth said...

Yes I'm a lurker. . . . enjoying your blog so thought I'd give a shout out for a change.

Never That Easy said...

Thanks so much for coming out of lurkerdom ~ I really appreciate it. I'm a big fan of your site (where I lurk), as well, so it's doubly wonderful. Thanks again!