Friday, July 06, 2007

I cannot believe my last post was on Monday!

I swear I was just here!

But apparently not, as today is Friday, and there's very little of that left.

This past week has been a bit crazy - unless you're new here, you know that this is status quo. Status Quo Sucks, but at least it's our own special brand of suck-y.

In the good news file, Zack (my main doc) is on vacation. And I decided if he is, so am I. So I have gone an entire week without a doctor's appointment, phone call, test, or new treatment. And I have a whole 'nother week to go. I'm quite enjoying it, and would really like to make it longer. However I'm also very sore, so I'd kind of like to find some answers to that before my next doctor vacation.

The bad news is overwhelming family drama, so I'm going to pretend - just for this moment - that it is not there.

Today's good news is that Ms. Janice has been picking up some awards at her blog (for being Thinking and Community Involved), and has kindly passed one along to me! It's my first award! I'm so honored ~ and accept the hugs with just as much enthusiasm. I'm racking my Bloglines to narrow it down to my top 5 Bloggers who make me Think; hopefully I'll have it up tonite or tomorrow.

Off for my 10:00 pills, promise to post soon!

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Maya's Granny said...

Which award did she give you? Ya gotta tell us that.