Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Because I'm up...

and if I see one more freaking Lunesta commercial, I might have to murder my t.v.

So, I may be a tad bit early (Shocker!!), but I'm getting my Theme Thursday up while I'm thinking of it.

As the wedding wheel starts to spin in earnest - guest lists and licenses and passports, oh my! - I find out just how much there is to be done. This week's project was the Save the Date cards. First, let's talk about how the whole idea of Save the Date-s is perhaps more understood by younger generations. My Nana was there as we went through the options, and was horrified that Sister J wasn't just going to call up everyone, or bump into them sometime soon, and just tell them when the wedding is going to be. "Why would they spend that kind of money?!?!" and "Well, that's ri-dicu-lous! Somebody should take your money away from you!" were two of the more supportive things she said. I totally took one for the team, there: stepped up to my Maid-of-Honor duties and distracted her right quick. Let her tell me all about the good old days of weddings where 25 people were invited and you just yelled down the street "Hey, I'm getting married..." and people showed up. (Honestly, I love good old days stories, but I think sometimes she's just making crap up...)


The Save the Dates are 1 step from being completed: the whole, finding somewhere we can afford to have them made step. But they're all designed, and pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself: unique and totally the couple! Before we wound up there, however, I spent a good 2 hours working on some variation of the image I'm posting for today's theme: Fade. (We wound up doing something drastically different... it would be really great if my sister the bride could MAKE A DECISION AND STICK TO IT!!!)

Here's a draft of Option B: I would have edited the people in the background out (we did in a different, similar pic), but she'd changed her mind by that point, so why bother? I still like it.... I hope you do to.

Here's Sister J and her Fiance, walkin off into the sunset....

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Maya's Granny said...

I love your card. I sometimes wonder if people don't make things up when they contrast their youth with today, but having lived my youth so many decades ago, I do know that often their stories could get wierder and still be true. When my parents got married, most people wore regular clothes and many weddings had pot lucks for the dinner.

I am up, too. I'm between jobs at the moment and my sleeping has gone to hell. My natural night owl tendencies have kicked in and I've been getting to sleep later and later and waking up later and later.

Last night it was 5 before I could finally sleep. And I had an idea. Trying to sleep earlier wasn't working. So, now I've decided to work my way around the clock in the other direction. Tonight I go to bed at 7 a.m. Tomorrow it will be 9. And so on, until I'm going to bed at 11 p.m.

I can't force myself to sleep earlier, but I can force myself to stay up longer.

Anonymous said...

Maya's Granny,

I actually had a doctor tell me to do that once to re-set my body clock. I never did try it but I did eventually get back to a more normal schedule. Now I go to bed even if I know I won't sleep...and the weird thing is I usually fall asleep. Now staying asleep is another story, that has always been my problem since I got this darn disease.


Karen said...

I think I love you! Thanks for your kind commment on my OT blog!

Arizaphale said...

Firstly, lovely fadey shot with clever edity stuff done to it. (please don't say 'opacity' or 'layers' or I will have a nervy spaz). Secondly, what are 'save the date cards'? When I got married 17 years ago (the first time) we told people about the date and then sent out invitations about 6 weeks before. This time we had a housewarming and got married in the back yard without telling anyone :-D
Thirdly, don't talk to me about sleep patterns :-(

Crazed Nitwit said...

Happy Monday to you.

Happy Monday to you

Happy Monday poor bridle zoo mate

Happy Monday to you............

Hugs and gentle air smoochies too!
Love ya dearly.

Never That Easy said...

Isn't insomnia ridiculous? And having CFIDS insomnia is such an oxymoron that it makes me want to punch something, right Marlene? HOWEVER, I have heard that some people are able to retrain their sleep cycles - I wish you the best of luck doing so, Maya's Granny.

Gee shucks Karen, I was thinking the same thing about you. OT is such a great field!

Arizaphale - now, now: no nervy spazzing: I won't mention any of that stuff. ;) And Save the Dates are little postcard type things that are mostly pre-invitations. I don't really get the whole point either (seeing as though the wedding is in 8 months or so), but it's something she wants, so there ya go.

And Ms. J - Thanks for the little ditty, it's certainly cheerful! MWAH.