Monday, August 06, 2007


Here's today's My Best Shot Monday shot...
Youngest Nephew, buildin' himself a hiding spot.

We've been building this kid tents and forts and hiding places, ever since he was a baby: Blankets draped between the couch and the coffee table, pillows piled up in a tower, under the table as a whole new world. He's old enough now to have taken over the buiding himself, but he still lets me help. As a kid, there's nothing better than feeling that you're in your own space, your own secret world where no one can find you unless you want them to. (Actually, as an adult, I could certainly use a bit of that too...) Having him here with us this summer has been bittersweet (healthwise, not so good; heartwise, all that's good), and I can't believe it's almost September and he won't be able to come up every week anymore.

They're here today, though, so I'll sneak around to Tracey's for all the MBSM photos tonight. Have a great day, all!


Christina said...

That's great! Brings back memories of my own childhood forts!

Anna said...

Yes, nothing like hiding away from the world!

Maya said...

The art of fort building!

Cari said...

What is it about the magic of a fort?? Such a fun capture.

On a completely unrelated your Josh Lyman quote. I'm a Wing junkie... :)

Crazed Nitwit said...

My brothers and I built forts. My sons and I built forts. Is there a fort that will keep chemistry out???? I still have a B in the class and considering my lack of math skills that's pretty good.

Love ya babe!!!

Never That Easy said...

Thanks for stopping by everybody -

Janice, if I knew a chemistry-free fort, I would surely share with you. :) Love ya back!

Cari - I'm a total WW Junkie myself - I miss it soo much! Of course the quote is still blocking some of my taskbar, and I can't figure out how to fix that, but I like it anyways.

I know... Forts are very important! We built three yesterday, too. And some for his dinosaurs. ;)