Monday, February 15, 2010

Randomosity, of which I am good at

(Part of me is saying "I don't want this blog to turn into a bunch of whiny posts about how sick I am, especially when it's not really that sick, it's just average sick (for me) and who cares about that?" and another part of me is saying "Well, you've got to write something and what the hell else do you have to talk about?" The parts of me are almost never in agreement about anything, so I find it's probably the best choice to let them bicker and try to move on. In that spirit:)

Here's a very brief bit of an update -

I have been sinus infection sick for over a month now (making this the 14th straight month in a row that I have had either a throat or sinus infection), and, after a consult with yet another ENT, they (once again) think I should have some surgery. Sinus repaired, cyst removed, tonsils out, deviated septum fixed. The surgery is still a ?, for a few reasons, but it seems more and more likely as time moves on. I have a lot of reservations, (including how do I take my very necessary meds after a tonsilectomy; how are we going to keep my BP stabilized during the surgery; which doesn't even mention the fact that "10 days" of recovery time for normal people usually winds up being an exponent of that number for me), but I'm working through them while I wait for the next step, which is a CAT scan. I will keep you posted: when I know more, you'll know more.

In other news, I am searching for a new laptop, as this one (at only 5 years old) has been gradually making things more and more difficult for me. This past week, it's decided that it doesn't want to recognize the back-up hard drive unless it's plugged into a certain USB port. There are three USB ports, and every time I turn the thing on, it requires that I change it to a different one. This is marginally frustrating, but when you combine it with the semi-pixelated screen (from when Humpty and I took a tumble nearly two years ago), the fact that the power cord only works if it is turned at a 35 degree angle, and the fact that I have now spent more in repairing the damn thing than I would on buying a new computer, I have decided that I am going to start searching for a replacement in earnest.

Since I don't like A) Spending Money I Don't Have, B) Change, and C)Buying Things I don't Know A Lot About, you might guess that I am not entirely psyched about this proposition. You would be correct. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated - what do you all use, and how do you like it?

My favorite part about my current HP is that it came with a controller, so I can listen to music at night and not have to move, but that's not a requirement in the new computer, since I could always just use this guy as a very big IPOD.

I also know that

  • it is school vacation week here, so we should have the kiddos at some point, probably for sleepovers;
  • my dad is back at work after a week's vacation and I definitely have to be better by the time he retires because (Him + Free Time) + (Me + Not Being Able to Do Anything + Extreme Sensitivity to All Smells, Especially Cooking Oil) = Bad News;
  • SisterS is supposed to come down this weekend with BabyB and Oldest Nephew (which reminds me that I need new blog names for Youngest Nephew and BabyB) which is pretty awesome; and
  • we're supposed to have some sort of engagment party/dinner thing for SisterCh and her fiance on Sunday, which I would be more excited about if his family wasn't coming, because thing I really know about his family is that the last time they were over, his mother wanted to take a bath in our bathtub. Really. It was very awkward.
So that's my news, and I also hope to be back before too long with a picture post, see if I can't scrabble a Best Shot for this Monday, get back into the swing of things again.

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