Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Temporary pause

as the laptop has finally given up on me. Today's screen went from half pink to twitching to finally being blank. Although if I tilt it a certain way, I can see the vague impression of the screen behind the veil of black, so I know it's just the screen. But in the five years I have had this computer it has had to be sent away for repairs three times and I've had to use the Geek Squad twice. The battery's been replaced twice as well (which is not all that unusual), but I've also gone through 4 power cords, which is ridiculous. I could have bought a new laptop (plus) with what I've spent repairing the old one, and since one sister has been nice enough to offer up her store credit and another sister her employee discount card, I should be able to afford to get what I need/would like. Thankfully, Mum got a netbook from her sister for Christmas, so I can still do some research about what I'm going to get. So if you're wondering about the little bit light-ish (and picture-less) posting, not to mention the severely restricted blog browsing, that's what's up. Hope your week is going OK.

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