Saturday, August 12, 2006

C'mon and have some fun...


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Well, today's theme was harder than I thought it would be, that's for sure.

The problem wasn't that I couldn't find anything funny, it was that everything was funny!

We are, as will be quite evident if you keep reading, a bunch of total goofballs.

Exhibit A:
Oldest Sister, SisterS. Age 2, Circa 1978. Wonder what the heck she is reading...

Exhibit B:
Oldest Sister's only son, Oldest Nephew, NephewR. Age 1, Circa 1997. After he got finished playing with the boxes he got for Christmas...

Exhibit C:
Youngest Sister, SisterK. Full of teeth, sometime during her first 2 years on Earth, so 1988-9 ish.

Exhibit whatever letter comes next... D, that's it:
Second Sister, SisterJ. At her christening, a couple of months old, circa 1983. Goofball genes are very strong here.

Sister M is Exhibit E:
Age 2, the summer of 1988.

Seriously, do you need more proof?

Then check out
Youngest Nephew, NephewA, takin a bath in our sink the summer he was 1. 2001.

And lastly, his daddy, Only Brother, being a goof when he was takin a bath, way back in the summer of 77.

I am sooo looking forward to what other people have posted as funny...

I'll be checkin you all out!

Thanks for stopping by!


Reverberate58 said...

All so very cute and funny!b I love the very last one! Bet he had a bit of the devil in him too!

My photo is up. Have a fun Saturday!

ribbiticus said...

awww...mine's up! ;)

Haleigh Anne said...

Cute and funny! We are a bunch of goofballs, too. I also had a hard time picking which photo to post. I've posted so many funny/goofy pictures in the past I thought I had posted most of the funny ones...I was wrong...I found plenty more.

Wystful1 said...

Exibit D ----ummmm, is that right? Ya!! D!!! That is so funny.

Enjoyed your layout and comments. Really made me laugh.

Mine's posted.

Anonymous said...

fabulous funny kids! :) I played

Breigh said...

Cute :)
Mine is up :)

mackeydoodle said...

Those are awesome!
Mines up.

Karen said...

Oh my! Funny runs in the family. Great photos!

TNChick said...

What great photos... Cute and funny and sweet all in one post!

LibertyBelle said...

So adorable!
All of them cute as buttons!
Drop by - mine's up too!

Pam said...

Baby faces are funny...even when they don't have a clue.

Love it.
Mine's up.

your said...

phentermine nice :)