Tuesday, August 01, 2006

July Perfect Post

Of course, there was debate. Of course, I have such a hard time narrowing things down to just one post (see the "oh-so-close" posts below), but I decided on

Maya's Granny's post about Dr. Anna Pou and the four patients
who died mysteriously during Katrina. I think she raises some very very good questions.

The "oh-so-close" posts this month:

Mom 101 questions her feminist credentials.

The tearjerker over at two peas.

This post, over at "Smart Bitches, if only for the lines, "Once again: Willem Dafoe in drag is NOT an acceptable substitute for a female model. Christ. And accordingly, cover artists should never use Uncle Herbert--you know, the uncle who always hugged you just that little bit too long and made the awkward, discomfiting jokes about your development when your breasts started growing--as a model for the hero. Common sense, people"


Maya's Granny said...

Ah, here is where I get to thank you for my award! How delightful, to be recognized for something that I feel strongly about.

I just found out about it this morning and have been told that you have a code I can use to put a button on my blog. Is that true?

Thank you again. It is a great honor to be considered for such a thing.

Never That Easy said...

Maya's Granny -

Technically, yes, there should have been a button that I could send to you so that you could pretty up your post and let everyone know just how great I think you are. But, I am an amateur blogger myself, (despite the fact that I'm coming up on a year... I can't seem to work all the kinks out) and have screwed something up here.

I'm going to try to get it to you... soon-ish...hopefully?

I tried to find an e-mail link at your site, to let you know, but I'll just sneak it in here, on your comments.

Your post was insightful, and more to the point than most anything I read about the topic. I'm so happy to recognize a blogger who is at their best.

Enjoy your best post award (hopefully, with a nice special button, as soon as possible).


Mom101 said...

Hey, thanks! I'm honored to be in the oh-so-close category with such other outstanding candidates. Heading to maya's granny right this very minute.