Thursday, August 10, 2006

why do we EVER throw anything away?

Seriously, people?


Because now we are looking for a playpen. But not the new kind. The OLD kind. The kind with sides that fold down. The kind that has hinges and mesh and all those things that we, as babies, were apparently to stupid to know were extremely dangerous. The kind that we have had at least 3 seperate times in the past.

Where did they go?

And why are we looking for such a death trap?

To put our most precious baby in, of course.

Because the playpens they have now? With the pretty music boxes and mobiles and fabulous add-ons? Are too friggin tall. For people in wheelchairs. And unless the soon to be 3 month old decides that she would like to start climbing RIGHT NOW, then I'm going to need something I can actually use.

But thanks, for all the warnings.

And, also?

If these things are so dangerous, why are they so expensive on e-bay???

Just wondering.


Note to people unfamiliar with NTE: I am ranting. I will actually be buying one of these playpens, but will EXTREMELY careful with my use of it. Sarcasm, people. It's a gift.

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