Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Very Exceptional Mother Could Just Serve Us Potato Chips, Xena


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In honor of all the new planets that have popped up this week, here's Youngest Nephew and his new, youthful solar system. (As represented by superballs).

Baby Planets Cerus, Cheron and 2003 UB 313 (Nicknamed Xena) are all represented, but you can't see them all. Cheron and Xena are in the hallway, because they are just "too far away to be in the close room." And one of those balls is supposed to be the sun, but not a red one. So there.


Ilona said...

hmmm. You're scientifically minded aren't you?

Interesting concept... and educational, I haven't kept up with all the news on our solar system.Guess it's time.

annrebieb said...

Well, that's both fun AND educational...but since school hasn't started yet I told my kids..."um, go look it up". :)

Lifecruiser said...

New planets... Wonderful idea! Creative and having fun while arranging it. Good thinking.


Never That Easy said...

Thanks for stopping by everybody.

Ilona -
If only you knew just how non-scientific my mind actually is. But anything the boy is interested in I have to at least fake being interested in myself, right?

Annrebieb -
As a teacher who's not currently teaching, I try to sneak as much of the educational stuff in on him as I can. But he's such a smart kid, it's not usually hard. Of course, I was happy to move on from dinosaurs (although I fear we'll always be stuck here... stupid dinosaurs).

Lifecruiser -
Thanks. It really was his idea: I was just in charge of the research and documentation. He did all the rest.

ribbiticus said...

very creative...mine's up! ;)

Anonymous said...

heh! That is fun. :) Mine's up

LibertyBelle said...

New planets - inventive!!

Mine's up too! Drop by!
happy Saturday!

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