Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm still (vaguely) here

I'm trying to write a post about pain and (lack of)sleep, but since the topics are hitting way too close to home this week, my brain power just ain't cuttin it. (Not to mention Niece and Youngest Nephew's Mum & Dad have gone back to work, so guess who's the boss?)

So, I really am here, somewhere, and hope to be legible soon.

Until then, check out what I am checking out:

Sesame Street goodness over at The Lovely Ms. Davis.

Something I am sure I am late coming to the party about over at

Maya's Granny (fast becoming one of my first-reads everyday), doing a little bit of linky-goodness herself on an excellent topic.

And Mom-101 having
a lot in common with me.

Be back soon, hopefully!


your said...

phentermine nice :)

Mom101 said...

Any friend of Shel Silverstein's is a friend of mine! Nice to know ya, lady.