Saturday, November 02, 2013

Alright all?

Had tons of company today, and very little remaining spoons, so a brief outline:
  •  Our first time (impromptu though it may have been) babysitting BabyD, as his Mama wanted to head into the city for the World Series parade.  Only a couple of hours, with lots of check ins from the worried/missing her baby Mama, and he slept 9/10ths of the time, but... there was snuggling and sniffing. (Why do babies smell SO GOOD?  Actually, I just read an interesting piece on this, but I don't have the energy to look it up again tonight - remind me, if you're interested.)
  • Then his mama came back, with her friend, who hung for a little bit;
  • Then Former College Roommate/Best Friend and her three girls showed up for our pre-scheduled play date; her girls - while totally awesome - are exhausting.  I mean, they're super fabulous amazing ladies - an 8-yr-old gamer (we played Monopoly and Cribbage!) and dancing machine (she competes and excels); her 5-yr-old sister who is a fireball with just the quirkiest, kookiest kid, who will be a Karaoke champion when she's older, I have no doubt; and my youngest goddaughter, who just turned 1, and is all chubby cheeks and heart-melting, toddling wobbliness. But the spoons, they disappeared quickly. 
  • And then SisterJ and her Hubby showed up (to steal some BabyD time, I'm sure) and things got a little tense, because SisterCh had had just about all the interference baby-wise she could handle and she kind of snapped at SisterJ over something that ordinarily wouldn't have bothered her.  So a little hiccup there, but SisterJ seemed not to take it too personally, which is good, because that kind of thing can escalate quickly around here (in case you hadn't noticed).
So I missed out on a little bit of sister time, what with all the children and games and hot chocolate with and without fluff, and now it's too hot, and now it's not hot enough;  and the "Auntie NTE! Auntie NTE!" calls from all direction, but I think they understood.

Good thing I got my word count out of the way E A R L Y this morning, in anticipation of the ladies visiting. Because I doubt that any fictional sentences would be awesome tonight.

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