Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Totally on top of things

... except for how, maybe, I almost forgot to blog tonight?  Oh well: 10:30 - I'm still on top of things, right? Today's writing issue? Plot holes, and how I fell down one.

Or, more specifically, how I wrote myself into a corner, and now I have to figure out a way to write myself out of it. It's not a plot hole so much as "I don't really have a plot?" and "Couldn't my characters just sit around and trade barbs for the next 40,000 words?" Because, seriously, that's what the first 10,000 have been, and it's working so far!

But now I've got a couple of twelve-year-old girls who kind hate each other, a ghost who doesn't really want to talk to either of them, and a mystery that I ... haven't figured out which way it should go yet.  In all honestly, I haven't figured out what the mystery is, exactly. Which is kind of important, and tomorrow's problem!

But for today, boy am I having fun making twelve-year-olds snark at each other.  There's also a 10-year-old, the main character's little sister, who so doesn't have time for either of their shit - she's all: "Listen, chicas, shut it. I think our, you know, GHOST PROBLEM, is kind of more important than whatever it is the two of you are squabbling about right now." I kind of love her, even though I'm supposed to like the main character and her ex-friend better.  Oh, well!

Off to bed - see you all tomorrow.

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Sue Jackson said...

Sorry I haven;t been by in a while - I rarely have time to visit blogs anymore - my time seems to have gotten out of my control somehow.

Anyway, just wanted to tell you how IMPRESSED I am with you for working on a novel! Although I am a writer, I am in complete awe of anyone who can write fiction and just make stuff up. Wow. And to do that with ME/CFS....double wow!

Good luck with the project!


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