Friday, November 01, 2013

Hi Guys!

Are you ready for me to write more here in the next month than I have in all the previous months of this year combined? I thought so! Welcome to yet another NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month - where I will attempt to write everysingleday, and you will attempt to not get bored of me writing everysingleday.

Considering how much little writing I've done since last years NaNo/NaBlo, this should be a real surprise for both of us!

I've already gotten off to a good start with my NaNo word count - met today's quota, and am going to be attempting to pad it a little bit, because I know I will have zero spoon days between now and the 30th, and I will need all the padding I can get to make it to 50,000 words. This year's book is a little bit more plotted out than last years - which means that I thought about it for at least 5 minutes before starting this year, because last year I didn't think about it at all.

I've got a very vague outline of what I'm hoping will turn out to be a middle grade/YA mystery novel - the middle grade/YA decision being dependent upon whether or not I can write it in the tone I'm hoping to strike, or if I make a bunch of 12 year olds sound like adults, in which case when editing time comes, there'll be a ton of work to do. But I'm not going to worry about that for now!

Nope, at this point, it's all about getting the words down on paper, getting the story out into the world. And this year, I actually know a lot of NaNo participants (and/or people I know are participating in NaNo), and am hoping to go to one or two of the local meetups - look at me, all doing more things I'm uncomfortable with!

But the main focus for the month - to the detriment of preeety much everything else (aside from my health & the people I care about, basically) - is going to be getting a book out of my brain and into my computer screen.  Without editing it a million times (one of my mistakes last year was that I kept going back all the time), or being super judgemental about it (who, me?).

For all my fellow NaWhatever participants: Good luck, good luck, good luck!  Let's get to writing! Follow me on Twitter, or add me on your NaNo page, if you want to commiserate about word counts (I'm a good commiserator).  See you at 50,000! (I'm NeverThatEasy on both of those, btw.)  For those of you just following along, and thinking "what a bunch of kooks, to try to do this in November of all months" - Right?  What were we thinking??? Please keep your fingers crossed for us, and, if you follow me on Twitter and want to bug me about my word count (if I haven't mentioned it in a while, for example), please feel free!  3/4 of the reason I believe I can do this is because I really hate to let people down, so now that I've told everybody, I feel like I have to do it for real. 

Current word count, by the way, after an hour or so of writing this morning is 1684. Definitely time to pad that a little.

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